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FH’s IFTA Calculator: An Affordable Alternative to an IFTA Spreadsheet

Posted by Fleet Harmony Inc.

Apr 26, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Fleet Harmony’s online IFTA software works hand in hand with your equipment maintenance log.

 Companies using a home-made IFTA calculator built into an IFTA spreadsheet have columns and rows to record:

  • Unit ID,
  • Date,
  • Province or state,
  • Odometer readings or miles/KM traveled,
  • Liters or gallons purchased,
  • Purchase Date.

This information is generally compiled from trip sheets handed in by the drivers.  Trip sheets most often include not only IFTA trip information, but also fleet maintenance and driver payroll information.  Therefore, a number of manual operations and calculations are usually required to segregate the information from the trip sheet into the IFTA spreadsheet, fleet maintenance spreadsheet, and driver payroll spreadsheet.  Often times, more than one fleet maintenance spreadsheet is required to maintain the entire equipment maintenance log. 

At the end of each quarter, a series of copy and paste operations are performed within the IFTA spreadsheet to adjust the IFTA calculator to generate the total mileage / KMs by state or province as well as the litres consumed.  The current IFTA fuel tax rate columns or rows for each province and state are also adjusted.  Then finally, the amounts are handwritten on the quarterly IFTA report and filed with the appropriate provincial and state authority.

The entire process is labour-intensive and highly prone to error.

Fleet management spreadsheets lack proper edit checking, so mistakes are easily made.  Rows or columns can be selected for copy and paste in error.  And it’s easy to wipe out formulas, rows, columns, cells, or even your fleet management spreadsheet, or delete the file accidentally. 

Fleet management spreadsheets also allows for gaps in odometer readings to be recorded and go undetected.  These gaps can have a significant impact financially, at audit time, and with maintenance planning and scheduling.


Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management

As an alternative, Fleet Harmony Clould Fleet Management Software also contains cloud-based IFTA software that is an integral part of the equipment maintenance log, and integrates automatically with the fleet maintenance software.  It can not only eliminate your IFTA Spreadsheet, but also your fleet maintenance spreadsheet, and driver payroll spreadsheet.

The entry of trip information is similar to a traditional IFTA spreadsheet, but with time saving features that make the entry of information faster, easier, and more reliable.  Plus, the current odometer reading and driver payroll information is automatically updated.

At the end of each quarter, the IFTA fuel tax rate for each province and state can be updated with just a few clicks, and generating IFTA reports is as easy as choosing the Print IFTA Report option from the Trip Reports menu and selecting a date range.  The IFTA report generally takes less than a minute to run.

Also, without any additional effort, fleet maintenance planning and scheduling, as well as driver payroll reporting are virtually automatic.  Try doing that with your fleet management spreadsheet!

Unlike your fleet management spreadsheet, Fleet Harmony’s cloud-based IFTA software also includes an odometer integrity report.  The odometer integrity report shows gaps in reporting and helps prevent trips from being recorded in error.



Fleet Harmony’s cloud-based fleet software, including IFTA software, is designed specifically for and to be the best fleet management for small business software solution on the market. 

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is affordable for any sized fleet.  Pricing includes usage, support, software updates, and is based on the number of units in your fleet.  Plus, it includes data storage and backup.

Check out Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software or any of our other software products and services including:

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