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Track Up to 3 Tasks on a Single WO with FH Fleet Maintenance Software

Posted by Fleet Harmony Inc.

Mar 7, 2018 7:06:25 AM

Track 3 tasks on one work order with FH Fleet maintenance Software

Fleet Harmony’s Cloud Fleet Management Software now enables the tracking and management of up to 3 unique tasks on a single work order. 

“WO Jobs” is a brand new menu option that is accessed from the Repairs and Maint menu.

The “WO Jobs” page has many of the same textboxes and drops downs as a standard work order and it is therefore super easy to use.  You can use both the standard work orders page and the new WO Jobs page. 

Both the WO List page and the WO Jobs list page will display both types of work orders.  When a work order is selected from either page, the system automatically directs to the correct page where it was initially entered.  We also kept the search and selection options the same. 

When a work order is printed from the WO Jobs page, the default jobs work order layout is printed.  Please contact us if you wish to have this customized to your needs.

The work order summary report has the same search and selection features; however, only the first job is displayed on the report.

Big thanks, Daniel, for this suggestion.


Track and Manage Purchase Orders by Department with FH Cloud Fleet Management

Fleet Harmony’s Cloud Fleet Management Software now enables the tracking and management of purchase orders by department.  This is an especially handy feature for organizations and municipalities with multiple departments, as well as those with affiliated fleets.

As part of this enhancement to the fleet maintenance software, the purchase order summary report can now also be run for all or selected departments.


Work Order List Page – Search by Description

In this version release we also added additional search functionality on the work order list screen.  Search by Description has been modified to allow keyword searching coupled with date selection, giving greater flexibility on searching for chronic problems and past repairs.


Work Orders Page (standard)

As per customer request, the number of part and labour lines on a work order has been increased from 30 to 40 lines.  Thanks to Sandra for that suggestion.



Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management  is an affordable and easy to use online fleet maintenance and management tool that simplifies the task of tracking of fleet maintenance and repairs. It is the first equipment maintenance log software of its kind in Canada and used by a rapidly growing number of organizations coast to coast, both in the U.S. and Canada. 

And because it’s on the cloud, there is nothing to install or download.  Your equipment maintenance log is always at your fingertips.  Plus, everything you need is bundled into one affordable monthly subscription that includes support. 

If you want to learn a better way to manage your equipment maintenance log versus a fleet maintenance spreadsheet or if you are actively on the market for a fleet maintenance software application, Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is definitely worth your time and consideration. 

Why not upgrade your equipment maintenance plan and give us a call today to learn more!


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