A case study on Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management  at Trinity Maintenance Solutions


About Trinity Maintenance Solutions

Trinity Maintenance Solutions, based out of Stellarton, Nova Scotia, Canada, in partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia, is focused on improving the quality of life for Nova Scotians.  They specialize in helping homes or businesses stay energy efficient by promoting green use energy products.

Trinity Maintenance Solutions has a fleet of over 75 pieces of equipment.  The fleet maintenance and repair process was similar to many companies of their size and included capturing a limited amount of information on a handwritten form, and then recording summary information into a fleet management spreadsheet. 


Trinity’s Challenge

The fleet maintenance and repair process lacked consistency and transparency, and was an administrative challenge.

Without the proper checks and balances, it was a struggle to keep the fleet management spreadsheet up to date and relevant.  As a result, decisions on their fleet were sometimes based on incomplete information. 

Maintenance scheduling was almost entirely dependent on driver feedback.  While the majority of the drivers were diligent in advising the fleet manager of upcoming maintenance in advance, scheduled maintenance was frequently performed after it was past due or with no advance notice.

Keeping track of everything consumed an excessive amount of time, especially when researching past maintenance.


The Eureka Moment

It was while validating a unit warranty claim that Trinity realized the risks, exposures, and the limitations associated with trying to manage their fleet using their existing fleet management spreadsheets.  However, lacking the in-house knowledge and expertise with fleet maintenance software systems, Trinity turned to Fleet Harmony and our Cloud Fleet Management Software Program.


The Solution

Together, Fleet Harmony and Trinity created and executed a plan to implement Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software.

Since much of Trinity’s fleet information was contained within their fleet management spreadsheets and their SAGE accounting software, equipment lists and repair shops were quickly imported into Fleet Harmony.  This eliminated the need for a massive data entry effort just to initialize the system.

A scheduled maintenance strategy was tailored for Trinity.  Despite the diversity of their equipment, the flexibility of the Fleet Harmony maintenance scheduler proved to easily adapt and accommodate Trinity’s unique maintenance scheduling requirements.

At no additional charge, Fleet Harmony even made a few software modifications for them and designed a customized work order that gave them a more professional look and made their paper trail more easily identifiable.


The Benefits and Results Speak for Themselves

Trinity is in complete control of their maintenance and repair costs.  Using Fleet Harmony’s easy to use online fleet maintenance software, their maintenance and repair process is clear and transparent.

Scheduling is controlled by the fleet manager, not the drivers. 

They no longer overpay for parts covered under warranty.

Odometer and hours meter readings are managed using a system that not only contains the proper edit checking, but also saves them time.

The numerous reports that are available in Fleet Harmony now make maintenance tracking and historical search easy.

Trinity now has options and a committed partner to support them with their fleet management goals.


“Fleet Harmony makes quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repair maintenance information for our fleet”.

Rodney Misner - Operations Manager

Trinity Maintenance Solutions


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