Gofficial_reports_icon.jpget monthly management reports delivered to your inbox automatically.

Managers of smaller fleets wear many hats, are often mobile, and simply dont have time to analyze their maintenance and repairs.  

Monthly reports will help you better utilize and manage equipment costs, parts usage, and maintenance planning and scheduling.


Galert.pnget automatic parts warranty tracking alerts.


50 cents per $100 is lost due to lack of parts warranty tracking. Get automatic notifications when parts are purchased that are covered under warranty.


FlServed on a platter.pngeet management personalized to your needs.


We will work with you, understand your needs, and get you the fleet management  information that is important to you.  Make smarter decisions about your fleet.


Manage your small fleet and leave the administration to us.

Fleet Harmony's fleet management for small business gives you better control of your small fleet, saves time, and reduces administration costs.

Fleet Harmony's small fleet maintenance software option is designed specifically to enable smaller organizations stay organized and make better fleet management decisions without the burden of additional time, administration, and resources.
Fleet Harmony's small fleet maintenance software option is a hybrid between outsourced fleet maintenance and management and in-house managed fleet maintenance.

How It Works

Simply take a picture or scan your handwritten fleet maintenance worksheet, Text or email it to us.  We enter it into Fleet Harmony's cloud fleet management software. At the end of each month we email you your fleet management reports.  Fax option is also available.  Text option will be available soon.

It's easy.  Its affordable.  And it not only does it drastically saves time and money, but it eliminates your awkward fleet maintenance spreadsheet.

You retain control of your equipment maintenance log.  We are We can help and advise you on industry accepted procedures.


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Want to learn how much fleet management is costing you?  Check out our free-to-use fleet maintenance assessment calculator.



Equipment maintenance log reports for better fleet management decisions
Better parts warranty tracking and parts management
Handle part recalls with ease
Get weekly status reports for better maintenance planning and scheduling