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Warehousing Software

With today's dynamic public and private warehouses, managing warehouse operations can be a struggle. The_Importance_of_Software_IntegrationWithout inventory tracking, you risk inventory shrinks that can cost lots of money.  The only realistic way to manage inventory is with the best software.

Fleet Harmony will help you gain control of your warehouse inventory. Clients can minimize expensive inventory shrinks, be more efficient and better organized, all of which will help you become more profitable whether you manage your own stock or provide 3rd party warehousing services

Manage Bill of Landings and Receiving’s

Fleet Harmony warehouse software allows you to manage bill of landings and receiving documents quickly and efficiently with ease, our screens are designed to save keystrokes and user input, as well as standardizing data capture. The flexible and powerful search function allows you to quickly lookup archived BOL / receivings and avoid searching through filing cabinets

Inventory Adjustments

Fleet Harmony warehouse software allows you to quickly make adjustments and to get a snapshot image for every product in your warehouse in terms of whipped, received, adjustments, as well as opening and closing balances per month.

Handle LOT IDs

Many companies, especially those that manufacture packaged foods have a lot ID (expiry date) to help ensure that the oldest product in your warehouse is the first out the door.  Fleet Harmony allows you to track and manage products with Lots Ids and avoid potential and expensive product recalls and corporate embarrassment.

Management Reports

With our flexible and powerful search function, you can quickly print shipping and receiving reports based on your own criteria using predefined criteria for quick searches. You can also group items by class. Other reports include:

-       Customer Shipping / receiving report to get details by customer

-       Item Transaction detail report to get details by product

-       A Month end report /process to summarize all and roll the inventory into the next month

-       Export your data to Excel or create a customized report specific to your needs.

Our software is fully customizable for the needs of your business. If you would like to talk to us about how you could have the software customized for your business, contact us and we'll provide a demonstration.


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