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Are You Ready For Fleet Maintenance Software?

Without argument, there are many benefits to using fleet management software as a tool to better manage your fleet and equipment. With the use of software and computers, your business can easily record, track, analyze, review, and manage fleet maintenance and repairs, fuel consumption, odometer readings, accidents, tires, and more. But how do you know when you are ready fleet maintenance software?

Generally speaking, if it takes you longer than 30 seconds to recall every piece of equipment in your fleet, you are probably ready for fleet management software.

1) How much are your current fleet maintenance procedures costing you?

Time is money, and the time you and your staff spend handwriting work orders, updating spreadsheets, and entering purchases and invoices into your accounting software costs money. Not to mention the cost of multi-part forms if in use.

Depending on the amount of information that is captured, using hand-written forms, spreadsheets, and your accounting software to manage your fleet in accordance with department of transportation and your insurance company guidelines will take between 8 and 9 minutes per service. Considering most organizations service their equipment on average, twice per month, the cost of administration and shop time can add up.

Fleet Harmony allows you to cut the administration time in half and eliminates the cost of multi-part forms.

2) How much are missed part warranty claims costing you?

It is estimated that approximately .5% of all new part purchases under $100 have a warranty that is never claimed. Most parts have at least a 30, 60, or 90-day warranty. And depending on your parts supplier, even electronics that have no warranty will often be warranties for 30 days by your supplier.

But tracking part purchases by individual equipment is so labour intensive and time-consuming using a manual fleet maintenance system, it’s not practical.

With Fleet Harmony, parts and their warranty are tracked by equipment unit automatically. In many cases, the savings with respect to part warranty claims can cover the cost of a subscription to Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software.

3) How much are missed scheduled services costing you?

While the cost of missed scheduled maintenance is difficult to determine and requires more in-depth research, it is easy to identify those pieces of equipment on the auction block that have not been maintained regularly. Safe to say that there is a definite cost associated with chronic missed scheduled maintenance.

Fleet Harmony allows you to protect the investment of your equipment, set maintenance triggers and reminders to keep your fleet’s scheduled maintenance up to date and operating at peak efficiency.

4) How much money is tied up in parts?

The cost of parts, especially for heavy equipment, can tie up your cash and prevent you from staying competitive. It’s also worth noting that parts management is often wrongfully confused as part inventory management. Parts inventory management is just an optional piece of a parts management strategy and allows the tracking of quantity, which can save time and money in some organizations.

Parts and shop management are included with Fleet Harmony. Streamline your parts room and easily identify parts in inventory that are not used. Track inventory for only those parts that are used on a regular basis. And because Fleet Harmony tracks parts by individual equipment, it can help you spot chronic problems before they become expensive repairs, and easily identify units affected by part recalls.

5) How much time so you spend filing your IFTA report?

Smaller companies that have fleets operating throughout the U.S. and Canada often struggle with the administration required to generate and file their quarterly IFTA Report. It is not unusual for some companies to spend days compiling the necessary information.

  • Updating spreadsheets with trip information from driver logs, fuel purchases.

  • Running reports on their accounting package to capture fuel purchases

  • Manually calculating amounts and rates

Using the built-in IFTA calculator with Fleet Harmony IFTA software, trip, and fuel information is captured once. The IFTA spreadsheet is eliminated and the IFTA report can be generated in a matter of seconds. Additionally, with literally no extra effort, fuel consumption and driver mileage reports for driver payroll can be generated with just a few clicks.

And because IFTA software is included with every subscription of Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software, maintenance triggers and reminders associated are automatically updated for each equipment unit where scheduled maintenance is based on odometer readings.

Need more help?

There are several important considerations that you should keep in mind while making a decision to invest in fleet management software for your business or organization. Each company and organization are unique.

That’s why we are all about forming and nurturing relationships with our customers. When you succeed, we succeed.

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