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Proper Parts Management Can Save Thousands on Fleet Maintenance.

Proper management of parts, usage, and warranty can save thousands of dollars each year and help organizations stay competitive as well as save time. However, parts management is often wrongfully confused as part inventory management.

Parts inventory management is just an optional piece of parts management and allows the tracking of quantity, which can save time and money in some organizations.

However, it’s because of this incorrect association that organizations not using fleet maintenance software, but rather a fleet maintenance spreadsheet, overlook the value of a coordinated parts management strategy, and generally overspend on parts each year. This is especially true for smaller organizations with limited staff.

Save thousands on Fleet Maintenance with Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is fleet maintenance software that makes managing parts a lot easier with neat features and reports to simplify the task of parts management, including inventory management if needed.

Automatic Addition of New Parts

New parts can be automatically added to the system from both the Purchase Order and Fleet Maintenance Work Order pages. No need to flip between multiple screens and pages just to add a part.

Parts that are added through the Purchase Order Page will be added with Inventory Tracking set to true (checked).

Parts that are added through the Fleet Maintenance Work Order Page will be added with Inventory Tracking set to false (unchecked).

Automatic Part Warranty Reminders

It is estimated that close to 1% of all part purchases under $150 have warranty that is never claimed because of the amount of time it takes to follow up on and research every part However, through the course of a year, these costs add up.

With Fleet Harmony, when a part is entered into the system for the first time from any page, and the warranty expiry date is entered, the system calculates and saves the number of warranty days.

As parts are entered on work orders, the system calculates each part warranty based upon the number of warranty days. It then tracks this part number and unit ID combination and issues onscreen warnings to prevent overpaying on parts that are covered under warranty.

The savings from this feature alone can most often pay for the cost of a 1 year subscription to Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software.

Optional Inventory Tracking

Part information including cost, markup, core charges, etc can be accessed by selecting a part from the Parts List Page. Also included on the Parts Page is a checkbox that controls whether the parts inventory is tracked or not. Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software allows for a mix of parts that are both inventory tracked, and not.

Users can also quickly adjust quantities and search inventory transactions from the Parts Page, saving time researching inventory shrinks and other audit functions.

Lots of Quick and Easy to Use Reports

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software comes with lots of handy reports that can be generated quickly for tracking and managing parts.

The Parts Usage Details, located on the Parts Report Menu, has multiple benefits. The report lists all fleet units that have the part installed, including the date and the work order number. It saves hours of searching through filing cabinets when part recalls are issued. And when run monthly or quarterly, it can assist fleet managers and help spot chronic problems and trends that can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

The Parts by Unit Report, located on the Parts Report Menu, lists all parts used on each unit including the date and the work order number. This is a handy report to assist with major fleet decisions, end of year reviews, audits, and more.

Generating Inventory Count Sheets or Part Listings is simple. Choose from one of the pre-defined quick searches from the Parts List Menu, press the search button, and press the Print Button. Note that the default sort order can be changed by selecting from the Sort Order Dropdown.


Parts management is just one feature within Fleet Harmony's Online Fleet Management Software can save time and money and finally eliminate your fleet management spreadsheet. Along with our fleet maintenance software that is unlike anything on the market, Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software also includes IFTA software and Accident Management Software.

Don’t forget, the combination of our expertise in fleet Management and our software design services team makes us the obvious choice when you unique requirements or an idea to enhance or streamline your operations.

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