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How Much Does It Cost To Track Maintenance?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Ever consider how much your current maintenance logging procedures are costing you?

Each time your equipment is repaired or maintained, some basic administration tasks must be completed to comply with law and to keep your insurance company happy. Additionally, most companies attempt to record additional information in log books, spreadsheets, and on whiteboards to assist with maintenance planning and scheduling, odometer readings, and more.

Fleet Harmony Cloud-based maintenance management software can help cuts costs.

Consider an organization with 100 pieces of equipment not using Fleet Harmony. Each month, on average, every piece of equipment will be serviced once and consume $250 on parts.

In a perfect world, for every maintenance or repair service:

  • 3 minutes will be spent on search, inquiry, and filing

  • 2 minutes will be spent by the technician, at technician wages, handwriting in a maintenance log book, looking up parts and specifications

  • 1 minute will be spent updating a spreadsheet.

Using an average labour rate of $25 per hour, the total labour cost works out to about $420.00 per month, just to perform the administration tasks.

The human error rate is widely accepted as 4%. Given that most parts have warranty, up to 4% of the cost of all part purchases is lost due to unclaimed warranty. Even using a conservative percentage of 0.05% that I used in my example, it still represents a considerable expense. Add $125 per month.

If your shop uses multi-part forms, add $50.00 per month.

Organizations as described above that use manual procedures to track maintenance and repairs will spend about $600 every month, just for maintenance administration. And what costs can be put on the intangibles like missing key services and not monitoring fleet usage and trends?

Alternatively, with Fleet Harmony Cloud fleet maintenance software, maintenance can be tracked for 1/2 of the cost, including the subscription price:

  • The administration time to process a single service is cut in half

  • You will never miss a part warranty again

  • No multi part forms.

But don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself! Book a free discovery call and learn why your competition is choosing Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management.

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