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Discover How Fleet Maintenance Software Works in Your Shop

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As president of Fleet Harmony, I speak to a lot of fleet managers on a daily basis.

I've learned that those that do not use fleet maintenance software usually deploy a variety of techniques to accommodate maintenance logging and tracking.

Fleet Harmony 's online fleet maintenance software is the missing piece in your shop.

Generally, the technician hand writes sketchy notes on a blank photocopied form or in maintenance log books and they end up filed in a cabinet, never to be seen again. Scheduled maintenance is sometimes missed because it is tracked on a whiteboard or left up to operators. Some of the more tech savvy fleet managers spend a great deal of time maintaining a number of cumbersome spreadsheets to track repairs, scheduled maintenance, and more. And when there are questions, the AP person almost always has to be involved to dig through the filing cabinet to get the answers.

But what is most interesting is this: the one thing that everyone using this method agrees on is that their way works fine for them. That is, until they go through a discovery call with me and learn how Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management can actually save them real time, real money, and simplify maintenance tracking. Period!

Fleet Harmony is specifically engineered to be easy to use. The maintenance logging process is streamlined.

  • A work order is generated in Fleet Harmony by the technician with very basic information about the repair. This takes less than 20 seconds even for the most novice computer users.

  • The technician performs the maintenance, making notes on a printed copy of work order.

  • Once work has been completed, major parts and notes are applied to the work order in Fleet Harmony by an admin or support staff person, completing the cycle. All the while, the wrenches keep turning in the shop by your technicians. The entire process is engineered to be quick and easy.

“But what does it do for me?”

There are too many benefits to name but a few include:

  • Save thousands of dollars each year on parts warranty

  • Cut your maintenance administration time in half

  • Gain instant access to the most comprehensive reports in the industry. The reporting options available in Fleet Harmony have been designed to work similar to Google searches enabling an almost limitless variety of reports.

  • Access your fleet from virtually anywhere using your smart phone

  • Take control of scheduled maintenance along with virtual sticky notes and be alerted in advance

  • And most importantly, get help when you need it, with unlimited support included in the price.

It’s a no -brainer, especially if you have a small fleet!

Contact us today to book a free discovery call and see for yourself why more and more of your competitors are using Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software.

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