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High Equipment Prices?  Trim Costs With Better Maintenance Management

Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management can help keep your cash from blowing in the wind!

Since the COVID pandemic in 2020, high demand, high demand, high Inflation, and shipping delays have resulted in a sharp rise in prices for both new and used trucks and heavy equipment. According to economists, prices from January 2020 to March 2023 increased by +/-30%.

Freight rates have fallen suit spurred on by demand. Not only have many companies reinvested and upgraded their fleets, but the market opened up to an increased number of company drivers that became independent and purchased new and used trucks, leaving gaps and shortages of qualified drivers, and adding even more stress on the labour market for mechanics and technicians.

Therefore, to combat the rising cost of doing business, companies with fleets of trucks, heavy equipment, and even passenger vehicles must be strategic in their approach to their operations, and especially fleet and equipment management as it pertains to the maintenance costs of their equipment.

The ability to efficiently track and monitor costs regularly and clearly understand where your fleet is leaking money will give you the competitive advantage to manage and sustain growth.

Given the increase in equipment prices, along with their parts, investment in a computerized maintenance management system is a must have for your shop! If you cannot list your entire fleet in less than 30 seconds and are still tracking maintenance with a spreadsheet and/or maintenance logbooks, you are ready for maintenance management software.  Fleet Harmony can show you an easier way to track and manage maintenance and it will not blow up your maintenance management budget.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software can provide your shop staff the tools it needs to work smarter and stay on top of maintenance with quick and easy entry screens along with countless comprehensive reports to enable you to make educated decisions about your fleet. Combine this with support from maintenance management professionals to guide you through the process!

What are you waiting for? Contact Fleet Harmony Inc toll free today at 844-527-6669 or by email at Stop your cash from depleting your cache.


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