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2023 – A Year of Transition for Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software

Rob MacKay (left) handing the Fleet Harmony reins to Luke Young (right)

Lucas Technology and Analytics, based in Pictou Nova Scotia, has been providing reliable Information Technology expertise to our customer’s IT challenges since 2001 with a focus on municipal governments, trucking companies, and law firms. From network computing and security (including managed services), web design, software development, computer repair and service, as well as business intelligence and data analytics, the team at Lucas Technology and Analytics is equipped to handle it all your computing needs and is a natural fit to own, manage, and support Fleet Harmony Inc.

Under the ownership of Lucas Technology and Analytics, the core of Fleet Harmony’s cloud-based maintenance management software has remained unchanged, as does the focus on service and support. Fleet Harmony is a still a comprehensive and feature rich maintenance management software system that includes preventative and scheduled maintenance, parts and inventory management, warranty management, and countless reports to make managing your fleet’s maintenance easy. In addition, Fleet Harmony integrates with other applications including Sage Accounting Software, and Microsoft Excel. But, we are not stopping there. Program development is planned with the goal of improving and adding functionality, along with expanding the available features; so stay tuned.

Ultimately, Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management is about vehicle and fleet maintenance, so we want to ensure that shop employees, managers, and administrative staff find it easy to use and that it covers their requirements. We encourage and invite comments and feedback on how we can make it better.

What do you like about Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software? What would you like to see added or changed? Contact Fleet Harmony Inc.

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