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Exporting to SAGE Accounting from FH Cloud Fleet Maintenance

With Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Management Software, we began adding more export functions to SAGE Simply Accounting to satisfy those repair shops with more complex accounting and reporting requirements. And as usual, we included latest fixes and new functions as requested by you, our customers. Read below for all the details.

Remember, before using the SAGE integration feature, changes are required in your SAGE Simply Accounting software. Please contact us before moving forward.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software exports to SAGE Accounting.

Equipment page

In preparation for the next phase of the SAGE Simply Accounting integration, a new textbox has been added to the Equipment page – GL Account. This field has a maximum of 20 characters.

IFTA Report

Tamara wanted to be able to run her IFTA report for 1 unit only. So that’s what we did, done! Look for this in the Quick Select dropdown on the Print IFTA Reports page.

Work Order Page

**** Important Inventory change

There may be occurrences whereby a 3rd party repair shop uses the same part numbers. Therefore, when a 3rd party repair shop has been selected on the work order, the inventory will not be updated.

Darwin, your custom change has been made to not to save parts. Darwin’s organization doesn’t require inventory tracking or parts management at this time so we turned it off for them only to save them some keystrokes. When they are ready, we will turn parts management back on for them. Another example of how Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software can work for any organization of any size!

Work Order Summary Report

Heather wanted to be able to run the work order summary report only 1 unit. Makes sense, so we did it. This is one that should have been done a long time ago. Thanks Heather for bringing this to our attention. Look for this in the Quick Select dropdown on the Print Work Order Summary Report page.

Purchase Order Page

Changes have been made in preparation for future enhancements to the exporting of expense and inventory GL entries into SAGE Simply Accounting. A new batch ID field has been added to the Inventory Transactions table. It is invisible for the time being and will be visible in the next release.

Big thanks to Donna for identifying an issue with the purchase order page. The system was adding funky address book entries for new addresses. This has been fixed.

Part by Unit Report

Good suggestion from Darwin. Allow the selection of a single unit on the Parts by Unit Report. Done! Look for this in the Quick Select dropdown on the Print Parts by Unit Report page.

PO Export to SAGE

We added greater backwards traceability between our fleet maintenance software and SAGE Simply Accounting by including the vendor invoice number (PO ref field) as part of the SAGE PO Invoice number. The SAGE PO number will be populated in 1 of 2 ways.

  • If the vendor invoice number has been filled in the Ref field, the SAGE PO number will be set to the Fleet Harmony PO number, a dash, followed by the Ref field. e. (12345-INV658)

  • If the Ref field has NOT been filled in, the SAGE PO number will be set to the Fleet Harmony PO number only.

Tip: Always print your page before you press the Export button.

Work Order Export to SAGE – Sales

The Work Order Export to SAGE option allows you to generic SAGE compatible invoices for sales as a means to quickly establish the accounts receivable invoice in SAGE for AR processing and reporting.

It does NOT update SAGE inventory. Inventory, along with other expense items can be exported and imported into SAGE using the Export GL to Sage Option. This is typically done either weekly or monthly.

Don’t forget. Always print your page before you Export.


At Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software, we believe that the customer our customers matter. Therefore, new enhancements and features to our online fleet management software solution are developed in large part from customer suggestions. Why not contact us and speak to us about your fleet management goals and how we can help.

Need to streamline your business but not sure where to begin? Want to finally eliminate your fleet maintenance spreadsheet? We can help you achieve your fleet management goals.

Plus, our software design services team can create custom web applications, and Windows programs.

Don’t forget, we also have shipment tracking software, fleet maintenance software, accident management software, IFTA software, and more for Windows.

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