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Track Random Maintenance Reminders On Your Smartphone

Most fleet maintenance software solutions have a means by which to track maintenance planning and scheduling. Very few, if any, have an easy way to manage random maintenance reminders on the fly; primarily because most fleet maintenance software solutions lack support for smartphones.

Without the ability to manage random maintenance and reminders, these can be easily forgotten and overlooked, and in some instances, lead to more severe problems.

Repairs that do not require the equipment to be pulled off the road, or notes to double check a repair in the future, are often verbally relayed or emailed to the fleet manager, shop foreman, technicians, and other maintenance staff. In turn, the maintenance reminder is written in notebook, on a whiteboard, and sometimes even recorded in a spreadsheet. And while all this sounds simple, consider the effort in communication, replication, and the time wasted. How much time would you save every day not dealing with phone calls and emails regarding random maintenance?

Fleet Harmony’s cloud-based fleet maintenance software allows you to enter random maintenance reminders on your smartphone. It’s ideal for busy fleet managers who are always on the move. It’s simple to use, and with just 2 clicks, random maintenance reminders can be entered and saved. Done; move on with your day.

Now what happens?

Well, imagine attaching a sticky note to a piece of equipment and have your entire team see the sticky note, as well as all sticky notes for your entire fleet … with just a glance.

Like a sticky note, maintenance reminders within Fleet Harmony are attached to a unit, and are prominently displayed throughout the system, including the maintenance work order page.

It’s a simple idea with a 1001 uses that can save a lot of time communicating between staff, as well as prevent random maintenance from being overlooked. It’s simple!

But managing maintenance reminders is just one of the great features within Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software. Close the fleet maintenance spreadsheet, hang a calendar over the maintenance whiteboard, and contact Fleet Harmony today to learn more.

And as a reminder to you, Fleet Harmony also provides shipment tracking software, and software design services. Be sure to like us on facebook and check out our YouTube video.

**** Note that since the release of the YouTube video, maintenance reminders can now be edited from within the maintenance work order page. Previously, maintenance reminder could only be deleted from within the maintenance work order page.

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