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Are Your Drivers Going Down the Road with an Expired License?

Surprisingly, a lot of organizations are still using driver profile spreadsheets to manage and track licenses and safety certifications. Most of these spreadsheets are super complicated and many are just downright ugly; with highlighting, underlining, and colour coding to represent something different for each. And usually only 1 person in the organization actually understands it all.

What is interesting, of the people polled, virtually all admitted that using a spreadsheet to manage driver profiles is prone to error and very difficult to keep up to date. Most even admitted that there have been circumstances where drivers have gone down the road with an expired license, or been on a job without the proper certification, because a mistake was made in a spreadsheet. But through good luck, not good management, they got away with it. Shhhhhhhh!

But one thing everyone agreed upon was that the only reason they are using a spreadsheet to manage and track licenses and safety certifications is because there is not an affordable option allowing them to do otherwise. Perhaps that was the case before, but no longer.

Now included with Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software is a brand new feature that simplifies the task of tracking licenses, safety certifications, and more. And like all Fleet Harmony software, it’s super easy to use.

Setup is simple. Just select a profile ID on the employee page (i.e. license, certification, WHMIS), choose the number or days or months when it expires and when you want to be reminded, and click Save.

Managing and working the system is simple. Notifications appear prominently on the Employee List page. Employees highlighted in orange indicate a profile ID is coming due. Employees highlighted in red indicate a profile ID is due or past due. And when it’s time to perform a renewal for a Profile ID, simply click the Update button, enter the optional reference number and/or notes and click the Save button. Done! Simple! The Employee page even has an activity log so you can track history.

Isn’t it time to simplify your driver profile management and click delete on your spreadsheet?

Gain help and advice when you need it, and use the best fleet maintenance software on the cloud. Contact Fleet Harmony to learn more.


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