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Equipment Maintenance Planning & Scheduling with Equipment Maintenance Software

The fleet maintenance scheduler included with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software allows you to minimize the down time of your equipment, maximize repair shop time, and gain control of maintenance planning and scheduling and your equipment maintenance log, instead of leaving it in the hands of your drivers and operators.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling with Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management is super easy to use!

It is one of the easiest and most flexible equipment maintenance software schedulers on the market. And because of this flexibility, maintenance planning and scheduling can be as simple or as complicated as your needs require.

How To Set It Up

Our unique cloud-based equipment maintenance software enables you to create identifiable maintenance service packages for the various classes of vehicles in your fleet. (i.e. trucks, trailers, heavy equipment) Each maintenance service package consists of 1 or more maintenance triggers / tasks. Each maintenance trigger consists of a name, the service interval, service unit of measure, and the warning interval (i.e. oil change every 40000KM, remind at 30000KM).

Maintenance packages can then be assigned to individual pieces of equipment. When you edit a unit on the equipment page, simply select the service package from the dropdown and the pre-defined set of service triggers is automatically applied to the unit. You can adjust the service interval and reminder levels specific to the unit and set the previous interval in which the trigger was last performed.

Basically, you are in full control and decide how often to perform a given maintenance task for a given unit, and when you want to be reminded.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry. We will help you setup your fleet software at no extra charge.

How It Works

Upon successful login the equipment list page is displayed for all units in your fleet. Units are colour-coded to enable you to know at a glance what units are coming up due for maintenance and what units are past due on maintenance. Units with upcoming maintenance are highlighted in orange. Units with past due maintenance are highlighted in red. Units with up-to-date maintenance have no highlighting.

From this page, you can also select from a number of pre-defined quick searches to enable you to quickly filter your equipment search. By default, all units in your fleet are displayed.

Because Fleet Harmony’s equipment maintenance log is work order based, completing a scheduled maintenance trigger for a unit is as easy as creating a work order and selecting the maintenance trigger from a drop down list. Additionally, if you click the Fix button on the equipment page, the work order will be automatically generated.

The Equipment Status Report also complements the maintenance planning and scheduling feature and is perfect for those managers that like to see everything on paper or for meetings. To generate this report, press the Print button from the equipment list page.

Ad-Hock Maintenance Reminders

In addition to scheduled maintenance triggers, our fleet maintenance software enables you to create ad-hoc reminders for maintenance and repairs. This feature is a great way to communicate and coordinate minor repairs that do not warrant the unit be taken out of service for immediate repair.

From the equipment list page, simply click on the reminder column for the unit, type in your notes and comments free-form like you would with a fleet maintenance spreadsheet and press the Save button. When a work order is created for the unit, the ad-hoc reminder is displayed as a warning, notifying your fleet manager of the outstanding maintenance to be performed.


Maintenance planning and scheduling is just one of the many features of our fleet maintenance software. Be sure to check out some of the other features including repair codes,parts warranty tracking, fleet accident management,IFTA software, and more.

And remember, Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is not just a fast and easy way to manage your equipment maintenance log. Fleet Harmony’s Shipment Tracking Software is a perfect tool for small to medium sized trucking companies to manage shipment tracking and invoicing, especially those using Sage Simply Accounting and needing to automatically generate Sage compatible invoices.

We also we provide software design services.

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