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Parts Warranty Tracking with FH Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software

It is estimated that 50 cents for every 100 dollars spent on parts is lost due to inadequate parts warranty tracking. From our pooling, the average annual cost of parts for most companies with trucks and heavy equipment is about $3000 per unit. Therefore, using the 50 cent formula, if parts warranty tracking and fleet maintenance software is not being used, each piece of equipment loses $15 per year due to parts warranty.

While $15 per unit doesn’t sound like a lot of money, $1500 for a company with a fleet of 100 units is more significant, and parts warranty tracking should be part of your equipment maintenance log. Plus, this formula is just an average. With the cost of parts for heavy equipment, one missed parts warranty claim can cost thousands.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software has a built-in parts warranty solution. It is easy to use and helps prevent you from over-paying for parts covered under warranty.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software has built-in parts warranty.

How Parts Warranty Tracking Works with Fleet Harmony

Both on the work order page and the purchase order page, a part’s warranty date can be updated and automatically saved for every part. The system defaults to 30 days.

By automatically saving the part’s warranty, it will be automatically applied to the part for future reference on any piece of equipment. If there is an emphasis placed on getting the parts warranty information right on the initial entry of the part, it pays dividends down the road, and becomes an easy to manage parts warranty solution.

In this release of our fleet maintenance software, we made it easier to enter the part warranty date on the purchase order page. This same function already existed in the fleet maintenance work order page. We merely added it to the purchase order page.

Parts Unit of Measure

A parts unit of measure (UOM) can often assist in the identification of a part or distinguish between like or similar part descriptions. Over the next couple of releases, Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software will be updated as we implement units of measure function throughout the fleet maintenance system. Thanks, Paula.

In this release, we added a part UOM drop down list to the purchase order, parts listing, and parts edit pages.

To add a Part UOM to the drop down list, select the New button from the Setup, Modify Dropdowns menu option. Once in the entry screen, select Part UOM from the Description Type dropdown list, and enter the appropriate values for the code and description. Don’t forget to press the Save button.

New Searches on the Equipment List Page

Thanks to Liga for identifying 2 new handy quick searches on the equipment list page: Search by Plate and Search by VIN both allow the entry of partial plate number and VINs.


It’s time to eliminate the fleet maintenance spreadsheet. The fleet maintenance spreadsheet is no longer a viable option to effectively manage your fleet maintenance and repairs or to track parts warranty.

A subscription to Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software will save you money on parts warranty. This feature alone covers the subscription cost for our shop management software. Tracking parts warranty with a spreadsheet is not an option that works.

Gain advice with your fleet. Get help when you need it. And use the best fleet and shop management software on the cloud. Contact Fleet Harmony to learn how our online fleet management software can work for you.

Don’t forget, Fleet Harmony is SAGE Simply Accounting compatible, and your fleet software solutions provider for shipment tracking software,IFTA software, fleet accident management software, and more.

Plus, our software design services team can create customized software applications when a canned software package just won’t do.

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