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Fleet Harmony's shipment tracking software and the rate calculator.

Shipment tracking software is crucial for managers in today’s transportation industry. Tracking shipments, controlling your fleet maintenance expenses, reporting your fuel taxes, and controlling your inventory are just a few of the things efficient trucking software should help you do. But it’s about more than just crunching numbers; it’s about quality of service and making your life simpler. The right shipment tracking software not only simplifies the many systems you maintain, but it also gives you a boost when it’s time to convert leads to customers. This is where a rate calculator comes in to play.

Help ensure billing accuracy and consistency with Fleet Harmony's shipment tracking software.

How Does the Rate Calculator Work?

Ease of use is the number one priority at Fleet Harmony. Our shipment tracking software is designed to be user friendly, and the rate calculator is no exception. It can handle any calculation you throw its way and present a total with the click of a button. Simply follow these steps to optimize your process:

  1. Enter your price as either a flat rate or rate per hour.

  2. Enter the fuel surcharge and choose whether it gets included on the invoice or not.

  3. Add in any applicable discounts.

  4. Set your location for tax rates to be determined automatically.

  5. Include any extra charges (oversize, tolls, etc.) and the system will accumulate the proper amounts.

  6. The total is calculated and you’re done!

Fleet Harmony's shipment tracking software program saves you time, reduces your costs, and gives you the tools to keep things running smoothly, including the rate calculator. It can generate Sage compatible invoices and the system can be customized to your needs with our affordable software design services.

Research has also shown that maintenance tracked with handwritten records and spreadsheets is counterproductive. That inefficient system is prone to errors and will cost you more time and money in the long-run. Using fleet maintenance software helps keep you organized and allows you to easily access all information you may need at any given time.

Contact us to learn more about how our rate calculator can make your life easier! Be sure to like us on Facebook.

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