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Shipment Tracking Software for SAGE Simply Accounting

So you are a small to medium sized trucking company. You use SAGE Simply Accounting or other small business Accounting Software. You are considering implementing dispatch software but you have concerns it may be too complex and expensive for your organization.

You recognize the fact that hand-writing shipment information on a bill of lading, then entering this into your SAGE Simply Accounting, then updating a fleet management spreadsheet is taking way too much time and effort than it should. Maybe you’re even considering hiring additional staff to cope.

You have concerns that having your dispatchers entering a lot of data into dispatch software may not be the best investment of their time, especially since you are a small business and they probably already have other responsibilities.

And let’s face it. Your dispatchers are very busy people. It’s a fast-paced and challenging position that often requires snap decisions. Because of the amount of data entry associated with maintaining dispatch software, especially all-inclusive dispatch software, it can slow down your dispatch operations.

Your SAGE Simply Accounting works great and is cost effective as it is for many small companies in terms of financial reporting, but tracking key and critical shipment information is very difficult and it is increasingly becoming an administrative burden that requires additional data entry and fleet management spreadsheets.

In fact, many small trucking companies using SAGE Simply Accounting that also believe they need dispatch software actually just need shipment order processing / shipment tracking software that is SAGE compatible.

Fleet Harmony Shipment Tracking Software is the perfect compliment to SAGE Simply Accounting

Fleet Harmony Shipment Tracking Software is an ideal solution for small trucking companies. It allows you to efficiently process shipment orders much like an assembly line and share the shipment order process between your administration and operational staff.

Your dispatchers are not tied to a computer screen. They create new shipment orders and maintain basic shipment information. They continue to use their GPS and white boards to dispatch. Accounts receivable and dispatch support staff maintain billing and financial information for shipment orders and generate invoices and reports.

And because Fleet Harmony is a SAGE development partner, our Shipment Tracking Software automatically generates SAGE compatible invoices, eliminating redundant data entry and fleet management spreadsheets. Plus, the customized invoice that is included with every subscription of Fleet Harmony Shipment Tracking Software gives your business a more professional appearance.

Additionally, when you purchase Fleet Harmony Shipment Tracking Software, our Cloud Fleet management software can be bundled to save you even more time and money with fleet maintenance.

Did you also know that our Cloud Fleet Management Software is a Canadian first and the only software of its kind? Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software includes fleet maintenance software, IFTA software, and accident management software all rolled up into one application for an affordable monthly subscription. It saves time and money with fleet management, is easy to use, and is available 24/4 from anywhere using your web browser.

Don’t forget, we are experts with online / cloud-based software solutions. Have an idea? Not sure where to begin? Fleet Harmony software design services team can create powerful web-based software applications specific to your needs to streamline processes, including web forms that enable customers and clients to enter your data for you. Why not give us a shout and discuss your organization’s needs and goals?

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