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Fleet Harmony Shipment Tracking Software is Designed for Small Trucking Companies

The shipment tracking information requirements for small trucking companies can vary between companies. No two companies are the same, even those that appear to service the same market with the same number of pieces of equipment in their fleet have variances in the information that is collected and managed. Relevant information for one trucking company is not always the same for another.

The subtle differences that exist between similar companies are due to management styles, customer demands and requests, along with staff, drivers, and other business arrangements. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of small trucking company software options on the market that are affordable and can accommodate the uniqueness of small trucking companies.

As a result, instead of using shipment tracking software, these small trucking companies deploy a fleet management spreadsheet or spreadsheets, along with an off-the-shelf accounting package such as SAGE Simply Accounting or QuickBooks to track and manage shipments.

It works, but this method most often forces companies to get creative on how shipment information is captured, tracked, and reported on. It is always labour intensive with a great deal of redundancy built into the process and lots of places where it can all go wrong.

Now imagine shipment tracking software that is designed specifically for your small trucking company and is compatible with SAGE Simply Accounting. Imagine software that is easy to use and affordable, and backed by outstanding customer support. And more importantly, imagine fleet software that can be affordably tailored to your small trucking company.

Fleet Harmony’s Shipment Tracking Software is designed specifically for the trucking industry and is one of the the best trucking software for small companies on the market.

Unlike expensive and complicated all-inclusive fleet software, Fleet Harmony’s Shipment Tracking Software for Windows allows the system to be adapted to your operating environment, as opposed to conforming your operation to fit the software.

How shipments are rated, how revenue is tracked and recorded, and what details are printed on invoices are generally dictated to you by your customers and suppliers. Even key reports are often based on the whims of managers.

With Fleet Harmony, the core system can be used as is or can be affordably modified. In fact, basic customization of invoices and minor features is included with every installation.

And as your business grows and changes, Fleet Harmony Software can evolve and change with you. Our software design services team will work with you, and affordably modify the system to your unique, specific, and evolving needs.

Plus, if you are using SAGE Simply Accounting, Fleet Harmony’s Shipment Tracking Software can automatically generate sage compatible invoices and simplify your billing process.


Give the software design services experts at Fleet Harmony a call and let us help you implement a workable and easy-to-follow shipment tracking process for your small business.

Don’t forget, we are also Canada’s premier cloud fleet management software provider. Manage your equipment maintenance log with our industry-leading fleet maintenance software, IFTA software, and fleet accident management software.

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