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3 benefits for using repair codes in FH Fleet Maintenance Software.

It takes approximately 15 seconds to create a fleet maintenance work order in Fleet Harmony’s cloud-based shop management software. The use of the common repair codes feature will make this even quicker and easier.

Using report codes in Fleet Harmony cloud fleet maintenance software is easy to setup and saves time.

Using maintenance repair codes will:

  • Save time entering and tracking fleet maintenance work orders.

  • Simplify the process of creating fleet maintenance work orders.

  • Help ensure consistency and accuracy of your maintenance records and fleet management reports.

How to setup a repair code

1) Select Modify Dropdowns from the Setup menu and click the yellow “New” button.

2) Choose “Common Repairs” as the dropdown type, and enter something in both the code and description textboxes. The Amount textbox can be left blank. Don’t forget to press the yellow “Save” button when you are done.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for more repair codes

How to use repair codes on fleet maintenance work orders

Next to the description textbox on the maintenance work order page, a new dropdown arrow is now available. Selecting a repair code from the list automatically populates the work order description textbox. You can still type into the work order description textbox, and even add/change the selected repair code.

One tip, as suggested by Tammy, is to use repair codes for major components.

Remember the work order description is designed to be short (just a couple of words), so you can later quick search

Other modifications to our online fleet software

Fix to Print Instructions for scheduled services

Thanks to Lucille for identifying an issue whereby the instructions worksheet PDF was not being generated, even though the scheduled service was setup to print. In some circumstances, the state of the “Print instructions” check box for the scheduled service was being ignored. This has been resolved.


True to our motto of saving keystrokes, this new feature enables you to minimize excessive typing and keystrokes, saving you time and money with fleet maintenance and repairs, and making our

Got a suggestion to make Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management better? We continually look for ways to add improvements and enhancements to make our shop management software tool the best option for managing your fleet and equipmentr. Contact us.

At Fleet Harmony, we are more than just fleet software. You’re not just buying cloud fleet maintenance software. You’re buying a system with outstanding customer support!

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