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4 reasons to implement Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Maintenance Software this year

It is at this time of year that we all make New Year’s resolutions and formulate plans for improvement; both on a personal and professional level. Sadly however, many of these often go by the wayside before the end of January.

If you are responsible for managing a fleet of 20 or more pieces of equipment, and you are still trying to accomplish this with handwritten forms or a fleet management spreadsheet, Fleet Harmony Online should be on your radar for serious consideration this year.

Make Fleet Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software your new years resolution.

Take control of maintenance costs

Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Management allows you to easily track fleet maintenance and fuel costs for every unit in your fleet. No more fleet management spreadsheets that do not provide consistent information to help you make informed and timely decisions about your fleet.

Track part usage and spot trends before they become expensive repairs. Handling part recalls is a breeze.

Fleet Harmony also helps you standardize fleet maintenance tasks and procedures. Automatically print step by step instructions when maintenance work orders are created. This is especially handy for training new staff, apprentices, and temporary help.

Track and manage warranty easily

Many small ticket parts that cost under $100 often carry 30, 60, or even 90 day warranties. However, companies without fleet maintenance software often don’t track part warranty. The cost adds up over time. Tracking parts warranty is next to impossible using a fleet management spreadsheet because they lack the checks and balances to control consistency.

With Fleet Harmony, never miss a parts warranty again. Fleet Harmony automatically saves part warranty information the first time a part is entered; then applies that warranty information every time the part is used on any unit. For some customers, the savings on part warranty pays their annual subscription of Fleet Harmony Online.

Instantly reference unit and extended warranty details directly from the maintenance work order screen. No more searching through filing cabinets. Fleet Harmony will even remind you when a unit or an extended warranty is expiring so you can perform a final scheduled maintenance while it’s covered under warranty.

Protect the investment you have in your fleet

The importance of maintaining your fleet in accordance with manufacturer guidelines is critical to protect your investment.

Maintenance scheduling is easy with Fleet Harmony. You decide the parameters: Hours, KM, Miles, or by Date. Virtually any type of equipment can be scheduled with Fleet Harmony.

Set ad-hoc reminders and get upcoming and past due maintenance notifications.

Plus, generate maintenance reports to share with your key operations staff; an especially handy tool for meetings.

Affordable and super easy to use software with outstanding customer support

With Fleet Harmony, everything you need resides on the Internet. Therefore, your fleet is always at your fingertips through your laptop, tablet, or even your Smartphone. No need for additional computer hardware, software, upgrades, and costly IT administration.

Setup is quick and easy. We do most of the leg work for you and import the information that you already have stored in spreadsheets.

And because training and support is included with every subscription, our service experts will guide you through the setup process. So you are never alone.

As an added benefit, software updates are included at no additional cost, and most new features and enhancements are based on customer suggestions. We will even customize the system to streamline the software to your needs.

For more information on our fleet maintenance software, software design services, or iSeries / AS400 Consulting, call us toll free at 844-527-6669.

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