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Accident Management Software now included with Cloud Fleet Management

You asked for it. You got it! Fleet Harmony is pleased to announce that Accident Management Software is now included with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software - the only online accident management software of its kind.

Fleet Harmony’s fleet maintenance software now includes accident management software.

Fleet Harmony’s Accident Management Software links all relevant accident information into a single accident transaction making it easier to reference all accident related information quickly and easily. Manage insurance claims, drug testing results, reports and statements, and much more. Plus, its linked to the fleet maintenance software section.

Our online fleet maintenance software makes it easy to generate an accident claim report for your insurance company. Our software design services team will even custom design a report compatible with your insurance company’s requirements.

Select up to 3 pieces of equipment per accident. Create fleet maintenance work orders to track repairs for each, then quickly link these work orders to a single accident to get a complete and comprehensive cost.

The ease of use and flexibility of Fleet Harmony Accident Management Software allows you to quickly track and spot accident trends for drivers, units, and more. This is an especially handy tool for evaluating driver performance, and when making decisions about equipment.

Other enhancements to Fleet Harmony Cloud / Online Fleet Management Software include:

General Changes

Throughout Fleet Harmony’s Cloud Fleet management Software, page headings have been made much more prominent

Menu Option Changes

In an upcoming mini-release later this week, we will be renaming 2 menu options.

  • “Add/Edit Work Orders” will bne renamed to read “Work Orders”.

  • “Fuel Entry“ will be renamed to “Fuel Purchases”.

Work Orders Page

The system now allows up to 5 decimal positions for part price / cost.

Purchase Order page

The system now allows up to 5 decimal positions for part price / cost.

More exports to SAGE

With Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management, you can now export even more to SAGE. Eliminate the need to duplicate your data entry efforts and save even more time. Using our complementary GL Harmony Windows software, in addition to exporting SAGE compatible invoices and work orders, Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management can also export Purchase Orders and Fuel Purchases to SAGE.


Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Management is computerized maintenance management software that now includes fleet maintenance software, accident management software, and IFTA Software. And because it’s Fleet Harmony, you know that it’s easy to use, and that you can count on it all working seamlessly together, along with outstanding customer service.

At Fleet Harmony, we continue to add improvements and new features to our online trucking software. Many of the enhancements and new features that add value to our fleet Cloud Fleet management Software come from you, our customers. Thanks!

Did you know that Fleet Harmony for Windows includes shipment tracking software that also generates SAGE compatible invoices? Contact us to learn more!

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