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Announcing Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software for SAGE 50

Fleet Harmony's shipment tracking software for Windows has been SAGE accounting compatible since 2008. In fact, we are an authorized SAGE development partner. We took our Windows software and have applied it to our online fleet maintenance software.

Fleet Harmony for SAGE can eliminate redundancy in tracking and maintaining work orders created in Fleet Harmony online. It allows you to easily import work orders into SAGE accounting for your accounts payable and GL reporting purposes, while maintaining fleet maintenance specific information in Fleet Harmony Cloud using the same purchase order / work order number for both systems resulting in transparency between the 2 systems.

Unlike other 3rd party SAGE import software packages that require extensive configuration, field mappings, and the need to perform cumbersome import procedures, Fleet Harmony Cloud for SAGE is easy-to-use and comes pre-configured with checks & balances to work seamlessly with SAGE, and avoid synchronization issues that can exist with other software products.

Exporting to SAGE is simple and is accomplished in 3 simple steps.

1) Click the Export to SAGE menu option and click the run button. This creates the SAGE export file that will consist of a batch of work orders that have a status of “Finalized” and are ready for posting. It also changes the status of all work orders in the batch to “Posted” and assigns the unique identifying batch ID to each Work Order. This batch ID serves for later auditing purposes as may be required.

2) The software prompts to open the export file. The export file is opened with a small add-on piece of software that we provide and install on your system. The add-on software validates the entire batch of work orders from Fleet Harmony against SAGE. This validation includes key work order information such as vendor name, GL account number, and taxes. By validating these in advance of posting, it ensures integrity between the 2 systems.

3) Once all work orders in the batch pass the above edit checks, the SAGE import utility is automatically launched and prompts the user to log into SAGE. Upon signing in, all work orders in the batch are posted.

By saving each unique export file on your computer, it enables the re-running of batches which may be desired for a variety of operational reasons unrelated to normal software operation.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software can help you do more with less, free your time, and gain control of your fleet. IFTA software and reports to assist with driver payroll software for small business is included with each subscription. Because access to the system is via the Internet, it is available 24/7 from any device with a web browser. This is especially useful for fleet managers who are on the go.

Fleet Harmony is perfect for heavy equipment repair. We will work with you to find the best fleet management software option for you. We will take the time to understand your business, invoking software design services and your needs to ensure your fleet management goals are achieved.

Call us toll free at 844-527-6669. We can help.

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