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  • Robert MacKay

Are Chronic Fleet Maintenance Issues Reducing Your Efficiency

Is a single piece of equipment or equipment of the same make and model having the same problem over and over again? Chronic equipment problems are most often expensive and time-consuming as well a frustration to operators, mechanics, and owners.

Don't get frustrated.  Get Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software.

As with any chronic problem, there are usually symptoms. However, without the tools to help identify them, solving chronic equipment problems often comes down to a guessing game. Sometimes looking at chronic problems from more than one angle can give you more information and perspective.

Imagine the savings of time and money if you could identify chronic maintenance issues sooner. Or, how helpful it would be to drill down and search your equipment maintenance log using your own words. You can; even from your smart phone.

Fleet Harmony's simplistic and common sense approach to fleet maintenance combined with versatile search and reporting capabilities can help you identify the chronic problems in your fleet, before they become chronic.

With just a few clicks you can spot trends, dissect part usage, and dig into labour details for each piece of equipment. Or, type a word (ie: welding) and retrieve all welding maintenance repairs for your entire fleet, or a single unit. It's that simple with Fleet Harmony.

Versatile search and reporting is only one of the benefits of Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software.

  • Manage maintenance planning and scheduling with maintenance reminders.

  • Manage parts and inventory.

  • Manage labour.

  • Track warranty.

  • Manage accidents.

  • Generate Sage compatible invoices.

  • Plus affordable software design services to customize the software if needed.

Fleet Harmony cannot fix your chronic fleet maintenance problems, but it can help make them easier to identify.

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