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Auditing your equipment maintenance log with FH Cloud Fleet Management

Regardless if you use fleet software or not, it will occasionally be required to audit your equipment maintenance log for one or more units in your fleet. Unexpected results on reports, insurance company requirements, DOT, as well as other regulatory bodies can all trigger such audits from time to time.

And as the fleet manager or company auditor, it’s your job to attempt to determine what has transpired and provide documentation of such. Companies and organizations without fleet maintenance / shop management software can spend hours manually searching through a maintenance log book, fleet management spreadsheets, invoices, and filing cabinets.

DOT Audits are much easier with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software.

The greatest portion of an equipment maintenance log consists of repair and maintenance work orders. Because Fleet Harmony has multiple search and reporting options for work orders, it makes it much faster and easier to audit equipment maintenance logs versus traditional manual methods, including fleet maintenance spreadsheets and handwritten forms.

New in the latest release is a work order audit Log textbox on the fleet maintenance work order page provides an audit trail, including the date, time, and the user ID whenever a work order is updated. Know who did what and when?

The Quick Search dropdown and the Sort By dropdown on the work order List page enables you to slice and dice fleet maintenance work orders real-time, and get to the information you need in seconds.

One of the big strength’s of Fleet Harmony’s online fleet management software is the reports that allow you to drill even deeper.

Additionally, work orders are automatically created by the system each time a unit is taken in or out of service (active / discontinued), and when the odometer or hours reading changes.

Tip: Using repair codes in Fleet Harmony will not only save time entering work orders, but also standardize and categorize common repairs and maintenance tasks for more consistent reporting and greater ease of audit.

Other changes in this release

Work Order Page

The parts and labour warranty reminder feature in Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management serves to notify you when parts are covered under warranty, on another work order.

We greatly enhanced the appearance of the parts and labour warranty notification indicator and even added some new function.

Now, in Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management V698, when a part is flagged as being under warranty for a unit, an explanation point button [ ! ] is displayed next to the warranty date. Hovering the mouse over this displays the date and work order that has warranty remaining for the part. Click this button to view original work order.

Work Order Summary Report

We expanded the report search criteria to allow you to drill down into your work orders even deeper. Now, you can search free form text. Thanks for the idea Donna!

Entering something in the text field will now select work orders that match:

  • WO Description

  • WO Unit Description

  • WO Notes

This can also be used in combination with selected units number and department and greatly expands the search options on the work order summary report.


Thanks to the suggestions by our customers, the tools and features built into the system simplify the process of equipment maintenance log audits. Fleet Harmony is the best fleet management software on the cloud. Just ask our customers!

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