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Auto-create driver payroll reports with FH Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software

It is not uncommon for companies that do not use IFTA Software, and pay their drivers based on mileage driven, to use a fleet management / IFTA spreadsheet to process both their IFTA report and driver payroll. Often times, multiple spreadsheets or multiple tabs within the same spreadsheet are used.

But because of the lack of edit checks, spreadsheets are prone to error.

Therefore, these same companies often deploy a number of manual checks and balances to ensure their driver payroll is complete and accurate.

Eliminate the payroll spreadsheet with Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software.

However, If you use the IFTA software contained within Fleet Harmony’s Cloud Fleet Management Software, both your IFTA spreadsheet and fleet management spreadsheet is eliminated, along with the manual verification steps for driver payroll. Fleet Harmony’s Driver Miles Report can help make driver payroll a lot easier, with no additional cost or data entry required.

As one of the pre-requisites on Fleet Harmony’s Trip Entry and Edit page, a driver must be selected from the driver name dropdown. The system will display an error message and not save without it. But because of this simple edit check, there is nothing further required to take advantage of the driver miles reporting feature. Just run the report.

The report is easy to run and takes only a minute. Simply select the Driver Miles Report from the Reports – Trips menu, select a date range, and click the yellow RUN button.

The report generates in a few seconds and displays on screen in a separate web browser tab. Once the report is displayed on screen, you choose to print it and/or download and save it for future reference and sharing. And because all reports generated with Fleet Harmony are in PDF format, virtually any desktop computer, laptop, or smart phone can be used to view the report.

The report summarizes all trips by driver, including trip number, unit ID, start and end dates and KM/Miles traveled.

And as with all Fleet Harmony products, our software design services team will customize any report or page to your unique needs and specifications. We are always here to help.

Fleet harmony’s Cloud-based IFTA software also seamlessly integrates with the fleet maintenance software, yet another feature.

The driver miles report is just one more reason why Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is the right tool for your organization. Not only does Fleet Harmony allow you to easily manage your IFTA tax reporting, but also enables you to generate driver payroll reports with no extra effort.

Also included with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is fleet maintenance software, and accident management software, in an affordable monthly payment that also includes support. It’s the best cloud fleet management software deal on the market.

So what are you waiting for? Why not contact Fleet Harmony today and learn how our online fleet management software can help you save time and money managing your fleet.

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