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Best Fleet Accident Management - Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software

In the last release, we introduced the Accident Management Software and added greater compatibility with SAGE Simply Accounting. In the latest release we further refined the Accident Management Software.

We also added enhancements to the core Cloud Fleet Management Software, including changes to the fleet maintenance software section. Plus, we included fixes and new functions as requested by you, our customers. Read below for all the details.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software is the Best Fleet Accident Management Software for small to medium sized fleets.

Accidents List Page

Other Equipment has been added to the list view, allowing you to see up to 3 pieces of equipment that have been involved in the accident.

Accident Page

For the purposes of better identification, convenience, and appearance, a number of cosmetic changes have been made to the accident management software. These include displaying the current odometer and hour’s usage readings for each unit assigned to the accident. We also replaced the unit department field with the unit type field to make each unit more identifiable.

Our Fleet Accident Management Software allows you to select up to 3 units per accident. For each Unit ID, you can also select a corresponding maintenance work order created within the fleet maintenance software section to quickly summarize total accident costs.

We added some additional function and validation tracking maintenance work orders associated with accidents. We added a drop-down selection for work orders. This drop-down list contains all work orders created within the past year for the Unit ID selected. To select a work order from the drop-down, click the question mark button beside the work order field.

Error message “Work Order ### Not found” indicates that the Work Order does not exist on the system.

Error message “Work Order ### is not for Unit ID” indicates that the Work Order does not belong to the Unit ID selected.

Equipment List Page

As you can tell when you first log on, we improved the appearance of the Orange System notification area.

Big thanks to Ronnie for his suggestion we put into action! When a unit’s warranty is within 30 days of expiring, the Equipment ID will be highlighted in orange, similar to the maintenance scheduler. Consequently, the warranty date on the Equipment Page is also highlighted in orange. Note: when the unit warranty has expired, there is no highlighting.

Parts List Page

When we first introduced the sorting order feature a couple months ago, looks like we missed one. Thanks to Donna for identifying the lack of a sort order drop-down on the Parts List Page.

Menu Changes

For consistency and clarity, subtle changes have been made to the menu options. We hope it helps you!

  • Add/Edit Work Orders” has been renamed to “Work Orders”.

  • Fuel Entry “has been renamed to “Fuel Purchases”

  • Part Usage by Part” has been renamed to “Part Usage Details”. Note that report title has also been renamed.

Work Order Page

Thanks to Jamie for identifying an issue within the fleet maintenance software section involving parts management. The system was not factoring in the markup percentage into the total price. This has been resolved.

Purchase Order Page

In investigating the issue with the work order parts markup calculation, we learned that the Purchase Order page also had an issue with the parts management section whereby it was not factoring in the markup percentage into the total price. This has been resolved.


Our ongoing Improvements and enhancements to our Cloud Fleet Management Software solution are largely based on suggestions from our customers and solutions to their challenges.

Not using Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software? Still using fleet management spreadsheets? Why not give us a shout and learn how our software design services team can help you eliminate your spreadsheets and save time and money meeting your fleet management challenges?

Not ready for the online fleet management? We have fleet software solutions for Windows as well, including: Shipment Tracking Software, Fleet Maintenance Software, Accident Management Software, IFTA software, and more. We even provide AS400 Consulting Services.

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