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Best Fleet Maintenance Software with the Latest Version of Fleet Harmony For the cloud.

As we continue to add features and enhancements to our cloud fleet management software system, we document these modifications on our blog in the form of release notes.

Get the best Fleet Maintenance Software - Fleet Harmony.

We are pleased to provide these release notes for Fleet Harmony - Online Fleet maintenance Software - release 6.7.9. Although there are no significant changes or feature enhancements in release 6.7.9, there are some improvements worth mentioning.

Release 6.7.9 is a small release by comparison to previous releases. If you are unsure about any new software feature, enhancement, or modification, please contact us.

Main dashboard page / Fleet List

A new quick search option - “Search Not Serviced” has been added. Use this search to identify units that do not have maintenance activity on or before a selected date.

Work Order Page

When a shop name is entered and NOT selected from the dropdown list, the system checks to see if it exists in the address book. If the shop name is not found, the system will automatically add it as a new address book entry.

Fuel consumption report

Big thanks to Tamara for identifying an issue with the fuel consumption report. Date range selection was not working properly. This has been fixed.

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Don’t forget to ask about our Shipment Tracking software, IFTA software, and accident management software.

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