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Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software Makes Inspections & Registrations Easy!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The original method for handling notifications for motor vehicle inspections (MVI) and registrations required too much manual entry. So not only did we fix it, we streamlined the process and simply made it easier to use.

In this release of Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software, inspections and registrations will now be setup as a normal scheduled maintenance task (service trigger). The due date and the warning date notifications will now be based on the number of days. Previously, this was date specific and required an extra step to maintain the next due and reminder dates.

For those that are using the existing MVI and registration text boxes, they’ll be migrated to the new format automatically for you.

Renaming and archiving Unit IDs

In previous releases, once a unit was added, the system prevented it from being renamed. However, thanks to Mike and Lucille, the operation can now be accomplished in this release.

Open a unit on the equipment page and click the Edit button from the yellow control bar. The “Unit ID” link will appear next to the unit ID, highlighted in blue and underlined. Clicking this will unprotect the unit ID textbox and allow it to be modified.

Note that when a unit is renamed, all associated work orders, accidents, fuel purchases, and IFTA trips are also renamed.

Work Order Summary Report - Print by Department selection fixed

Thanks to Mike for bringing this to our attention. When choosing a department from the print work order summary page, the report generated excluded some work orders. This only occurred when a department was selected and has been fixed in this release.

Eliminated the “Search All” quick search for parts management

Searching through thousands of parts is not practical and was almost never used so we eliminated the “Search All” quick search option on the Parts List page.

However, we strengthened parts management section and added new features to the “Search by Part Number” and “Search by Description” quick search options. Now, when you do not know a part number or know only a few numbers or letters, you can get to the short list of parts much quicker and easier.


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