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Dept heads overwhelming you with equipment maintenance log requests?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

If department heads at your organization contact you when maintenance is required for their equipment, chances are that a lot of time is being spent on the phone, responding to emails, and jotting notes on sticky notepads and pieces of paper. Read on if you would like to significantly reduce the number of emails and phone calls you receive.

With online banking and ATMs, banks have eliminated much of the costs associated with bank tellers having to enter deposits and withdrawals into their systems. The onus is now on us, the customer, to enter that information for them, and they just count the money; most of which is automated as well. Here in Canada, often times these same tellers are doing sales calls. Not only has it streamlined and simplified banking for everyone, but the cost savings to the banks has been staggering and they have been able to do a lot more with a lot less.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management can help take the stress out of department maintenance requests.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software similarly introduces a brand new feature that streamlines the fleet maintenance request process and puts the onus on the department heads and their admin staff to enter their own fleet maintenance requests. And you, as a public works or shop manager, simply approve or amend the request. The fleet maintenance work order is automatically created and added to the system. It’s that simple. The department head is even notified by email as the work is approved and when changes are made to the fleet maintenance work order; so no more status emails and calls. Additionally, as with all Fleet Harmony software subscriptions, it is customizable.

This new feature, within the Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software family of products, enables you to gain control over fleet maintenance scheduling. The simplified maintenance request screen is web based and easy to use. It can be accessed from anywhere over the internet, even from a smart phone.

Whether you are an existing Fleet Harmony subscriber, or just want to know more, this is one feature that is worth a serious look and consideration, especially as you approach budget season and are looking to save costs.

Fleet Harmony’s fleet maintenance software is a super easy to use equipment maintenance log with integrated reminders and maintenance planning and scheduling. . Our equipment maintenance software also includes a unique parts warranty tracking tool that can save you thousands of dollars each year on lost part warranty claims. Additionally, there are countless useful and handy reports that enable you to get the maintenance information you need in seconds. It even generates SAGE compatible invoices and integrates with SAGE Simply Accounting.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management can help stretch your maintenance budget, enabling you and your maintenance and administration staff to do more with less. Contact us to schedule a live demo and see for yourself.

At Fleet Harmony, our main priority is service. Our team approach with our customers provides the basis for innovation as well as enhancements and new features to our fleet maintenance software and service offerings as a whole. Give us a call today and join the movement towards better fleet maintenance management.

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