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Eliminate Truck Maintenance Log Books with Fleet Maintenance Software

By law, if you operate commercial vehicles you must retain a repair log of all maintenance, repairs, and work performed on each unit in your fleet. Your insurance company also not only requires not only proof of repairs, but also proof of due diligence in terms of preventative and ongoing maintenance.

Fleet Harmony’s cloud based fleet maintenance management software can help eliminate the paper clutter.

Too often, companies with smaller fleets track their maintenance and repairs in an equipment or truck maintenance log book. Managing your fleet maintenance and repairs using this method presents a number of challenges and risk exposures:

  • Repair log books are easily lost and damaged with little backup

  • Limited, sketchy, and missing information

  • Maintenance planning and scheduling is left to drivers and operators

  • Parts warranty tracking next to impossible

  • Invites further scrutiny during DOT and insurance audits

  • Fleet management decisions are based on inaccurate information

With affordable fleet management for small business now available, tracking maintenance and repairs using a maintenance and repair log book is obsolete.

Companies using this method often store their equipment maintenance log books at a location in their shop or nearby. Books are generally updated after the repair has been completed. On busy days, and near the end of shifts, the information recorded by shop staff is sometimes inaccurate, incomplete, and missed. There is generally no linkage between parts invoices and the repair log book. Invoices for outside shop repairs, handled by an accounts payable person, sometimes get overlooked in terms of updating the equipment maintenance log book.

Some companies substitute a fleet maintenance spreadsheet for an equipment maintenance log book. However, without an equipment maintenance software system, the risks and exposures remain the same.

  • Eliminate your repair log book

  • Centralize all fleet maintenance records

  • Introduce an easy-to-use maintenance process to track maintenance and repairs

  • Improve the accuracy of your maintenance records

  • Help you save money on parts warranty tracking

  • Simplify maintenance planning and scheduling

  • Allow virtually instant access from anywhere to your maintenance and repair history

  • Generate reports to keep DOT at their office and not at your location wasting your time

Think you’re too small to gain all the benefits of Canada’s premier cloud fleet management software? You may be surprised. We have packages for any sized fleet that includes fleet maintenance software, fleet accident management, IFTA software, and all the help and support you come to expect from Fleet Harmony.

Remember, Fleet Harmony’s equipment maintenance software is Sage Simply Accounting compatible. Create Sage compatible invoices directly from Fleet Harmony, and don’t forget to ask us about out shipment tracking software for windows.

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