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Equipment maintenance software is just another tool in your shop.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Whether you manage trucks, manage heavy equipment, or have machines that require regularly scheduled maintenance, it is important that your staff have the right tools at hand to maintain and repair your fleet of equipment. Most often, companies don’t think twice about purchasing the tools and accessories they need on the shop floor. A new hoist or piece of service equipment shows tangible results based on the cost and required usage.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software is the right tool for your shop!

However, many organizations still do not view equipment maintenance software as a needed tool for their shop, often because they are unaware of the benefits both in time and cost savings. The argument “We are too small to afford a maintenance software program” was a valid reason 10 years ago. Today, it is not. There are lots of options that are affordable for businesses of every size.

Pen and paper and spreadsheetcan be great ools; just not efficient for maintaining equipment maintenance records and when you factor in all costs, they end up costing more in the end to maintain; as opposed to an equipment maintenance software solution that can save you both time and money.

Having to keep all paperwork archived is required by law. However, if you are using only this same paperwork to manage your equipment, not only are the decisions you make are based on an educated guess or “gut feeling” rather than on actual facts, but also DOT Audits are usually stressful and time consuming. If you have a 9/16 wrench in your tool box, you probably wouldn’t use vice grips.

Without equipment maintenance software, you do not have a tool for managing warranty parts and service. How much money are you over spending on replacement parts that are under warranty? Assuming you do your due diligence on every part that you replace on your equipment, how much time did it take you researching it; going through the filing cabinets, spreadsheets, or accounts payable invoices to find out if a part was under warranty or not, or was that again left to educated guess?

With the right Equipment maintenance software, you will have a chest full of tools to help you manage your equipment or fleet efficiently.

  1. Never miss a scheduled service again. Set your service reminders for each piece of equipment based on either usage or miles and let the software warn you in advance automatically, based upon parameters you set. Imagine having the ability to plan for service and not have to scramble when services are past due.

  2. Take the guess work out of the true cost of repairs. With flexible reporting, you can isolate trends before they become chronic problems. Quickly get the complete maintenance history without having to spend hours digging into the paperwork with pen, paper, and calculator.

  3. Share and print your reports in PDF format. There are online options that even allow you to access the system via the Internet using a web browser.

  4. Export your data to spreadsheets or to your accounting software and eliminate the time, errors, and omissions of having someone manually enter Work Orders and Invoices.

  5. Have the flexibility to affordably change the system based upon your needs

When you are ready, Fleet Harmony will help you every step along the way to help you make the switch to a powerful and efficient equipment maintenance solution that will help you lower the cost and stress of managing and maintaining your equipment.

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