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Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance for Sage Accounting.

With Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software, version released in March 2016, we enhanced and expanded our SAGE Simply Accounting compatibility and made improvements to our fleet maintenance software thanks to suggestions from our customers.

Sage Accounting and Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance is a great combo.

Enhancements to SAGE compatibility

Since 2006, Fleet Harmony has been a SAGE Simply Accounting Development Partner. September, 2015 was the initial release of Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software for SAGE Simply Accounting. As part of our ongoing commitment to be the leader in fleet maintenance software for SAGE, we are pleased to take our fleet maintenance software to the next level in terms of SAGE compatibility.

A new list page has been created for exporting to SAGE. The new screen handles just like other list view pages on the system with quick searches and sorting options, so you know it’s super easy to use.

With these enhancements, companies with multiple affiliated companies and fleet maintenance customers can greatly reduce the amount of administration and streamline inter-company information flow. Users can choose to generate sales invoices or purchase invoices directly from Fleet Harmony and eliminate the need for redundant data entry.

By default, pressing the search button will retrieve work orders that:

  • Have a status = “Posted”

  • Have a Batch ID = blank.

  • Have an dollar amount not equal to 0.00

The system performs basic data validation to ensure completeness and accuracy. Any problems are noted beside each maintenance work order in the list. When all maintenance orders in the list pass this basic validation, the entire list can be exported to SAGE in a single batch by pressing the Export button. This generates an export file that is saved on your computer and updates each maintenance work order with a system generated Batch ID.

To complete the export/import process, our companion Windows software “GL Harmony” is used. Simply open GL Harmony from your desktop, select the export file created by Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management, and press the Import button. As Sales and Purchase Orders are processed into SAGE, logging messages appear on the screen.

Before using the new SAGE export page, please contact us for complete information.

Fleet List Page

We added a new search – Search by Service Type. Select a service type from a drop-down list and press the search button to retrieve a list of units using the same scheduled services.

Address Page

2 new address types have been added to the Type drop-down - Blank and Customer. When the address type is set to blank, these addresses can be used on both the work order and fuel purchases screen.

Work Order Page

New functionality has been added to allow you to create work orders not just for your fleet, but also for outside customers. Simply click the “?” button where you would normally enter a unit number until the heading reads “Cust”. Then select a customer from the drop down list. This list contains “Customer” address book entries. Note that all work orders created for outside customers are created for unit # 999999.

We fixed the tab order from date textbox to next PO Number textbox, and the tab order between panels. In addition, when the Next or Previous part button is pressed, the curser is positioned on the 1st part number in the list. Thanks Christina!

Addresses that appear in the Shop drop-down now include any addresses with a type of “Repair Shop’ or blank.

Equipment Page

We added a restriction that prevents you from adding unit number 999999. This unit number is reserved for outside customers.


Still using a fleet management spreadsheet to track fleet maintenance or IFTA Reporting? Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software can actually save you money on fleet management costs, even if you have a small fleet. The included integrated IFTA software module makes it easy to manage your fleet and update the maintenance scheduling software directly from the IFTA mileage calculator.

Have a suggestion or an idea? Don’t know where to begin? Our software design services team is always here to help and can help you bring your idea to reality.

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