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Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software - Summer Maintenance Tips

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about summer fleet maintenance. As a fleet manager, you know that preventative maintenance saves money; helps keep your fleet in compliance, and your drivers and operators safe.

With that in mind, here are some important tips on ensuring your fleet is ready for summer.

Set summer fleet maintenance checklist to help protect your investment.  Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software can help.

Summer, just like winter, impacts your fleet in different ways, and a wise fleet manager knows that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to fleet maintenance. Looking ahead to summer, and having a set summer fleet maintenance checklist, can help protect your investment and ensure the safety of your drivers on the road.

Change your Oil

Frequent oil changes with the right oil for summer conditions, in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, is the number one preventative maintenance service that can protect the longevity of your equipment. Frequent oil changes will prevent wear on your engine and protect from corrosion issues.

Inspect and Replace Hoses and Belts

Summer is a perfect time to inspect and change hoses and belts. Changing hoses and belts can help safeguard against expensive engine repairs and inconvenient downtime

Check your Tires!

Higher temperatures will decrease tire pressure more rapidly. Therefore, during the summer, tire management is especially important. Proper tire pressure will help to make certain your tire has maximum running life and also aids in proper handling of the vehicle.

When checking the pressure, check the treads, especially on steer tires. Worn-down tires pose a greater risk to your drivers and operators, especially during heavy rain that can lead to hydroplaning.

Check your Brakes

Over the summer, when times are busy, and equipment usage is up, brake parts are more prone to wear. Even under normal driving conditions, heat and friction wear on your brakes. It is critical to have your brakes checked and serviced at least annually.

Check Coolant Systems

Check your coolant and related systems regularly throughout the summer. Consider doing a full coolant flush before the heat of the summer arrives.

And don’t forget to check your air conditioning systems. Remember, heavy equipment runs hot and the added heat of the summer sun can overheat your drivers and operators as well. Remember to remind your drivers and operators of the importance of drinking lots of water this time of year.

Wipers and Brakes

Give those windshield wipers and brakes a look during your summer maintenance inspection, too. Summer is a busy time, and you want to spot any potential issues before they start. Malfunctioning or broken wipers can impact driver safety during summer storms, and brakes are vital to your vehicle’s performance, so take the time to inspect them now before trouble rears its head.

Proactive Fleet Maintenance

Summer is often the busiest for most industries and sometimes because of this, scheduled maintenance is not always performed on time. More lead time may be necessary to allow for better maintenance scheduling. Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software’s maintenance scheduler automatically notifies you of upcoming and past due scheduled maintenance and set the lead times.

But since heat can also affect the flexibility and wear of hoses and belts, summer is the perfect time to inspect and replace them if needed. Making this a seasonal fleet maintenance check will make certain they are checked regularly, and keep your fleet in their best working order.

Cleanliness is Next to - Longevity?

We all know the importance of keeping our fleet vehicles free of harmful road salt during the winter, but cleaning vehicles during the summer is just as crucial. Road salt sticks around for a lot longer than you might think, and cleaning the vehicles regularly will make certain everything is free from it. Also, a clean vehicle looks terrific!

Stay Safe

Summer is the time when we’ll see all those construction vehicles, detours, and repairs going on, so remind your fleet drivers to watch out for construction zones, to monitor their speed, and be prepared for delays.

Summer also means tourists, and the roads will be crowded with other vehicles and drivers that might not be accustomed to driving long distances. Safety begins with awareness in summertime, and your drivers should remain aware of their surroundings and expect the unexpected.

Need help with your summer Fleet Management and Maintenance Strategy?

Whatever your summer schedule, Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is your partner in easy to use fleet maintenance software solutions! We’re affordable, even for small fleets, and with personalized features and updates as well as outstanding one-on-one service, Fleet Harmony is your best choice for comprehensive fleet maintenance software. Come join the Fleet Harmony family, and find out how we can help you!

Don’t forget to ask us about our fleet accident management software and IFTA software that is included with every Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software subscription.

The software design services teams at Fleet Harmony can also design customized windows software and web applications.

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