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Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software Simplifies IFTA & Driver Payroll.

Many small offices use the information from the driver’s trip sheet to assist with fuel tax and driver payroll. With this information, they work out the numbers with a mileage calculator, odometer readings, or the mileage provided by the driver; that may or may not be accurate.

With this, and a combination of spreadsheets, driver payroll is calculated and the quarterly IFTA form is filled out by hand every quarter. Additionally, the fleet maintenance manager updates their spreadsheets to manage upcoming scheduled maintenance and inspections for the fleet.

This entire process is very labour intensive, can take hours or even days to complete, and is prone to errors and omissions. Sound familiar?

Fleet Harmony - Online Fleet Maintenance Software can help lessen this burden significantly. With Fleet Harmony Online, you get an easy to use IFTA fuel tax software, driver payroll software, and fleet maintenance software that works together to form a comprehensive fleet management software solution.

With Fleet Harmony, trip information is entered once - including fuel purchases. Searching past trips is as easy as a few mouse clicks. No more searching through filing cabinets and multiple spreadsheets when questions or issues arise, or when the auditors arrive at your door.

Make your driver payroll process easier. Get mileage data by driver over any time period.

Generate your quarterly IFTA statement in minutes; not hours or days. Import the tax tables. Print the report. Sign it. Send it.

Fleet Harmony Online is a feature rich, affordable cloud-based fleet maintenance software that is very easy to use. Along with the IFTA software, get maintenance planning and scheduling alerts, create maintenance and repair work orders. Manage parts, labour, and warranty. Generate maintenance and performance reports.

Free your time and gain access to the software over the Internet using any device with a web browser from anywhere, even from home.

Working one-on-one, Fleet Harmony's software design services will guide you step-by-step at a pace that’s not overwhelming and even fun. At Fleet Harmony, we are all about service. Call us toll free at 844-527-6669

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