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Fleet Harmony - iSeries / AS400 software design services at a glance

Fleet Harmony is not just about fleet maintenance software or IFTA software. We have been strong AS400 advocates since IBM released it in the late 1980s.

Fleet Harmony software design services can help with your next iSeries / AS400 project.

Companies that use the IBM iSeries / AS400 mid range server generally swear by the technology. And why wouldn’t they. The AS400 is a workhorse. From a reliability standpoint, it is without question the most successful computer on the planet for decades.

The AS400 can do all the tasks that a PC server can do. It can be a file and database server, it can host web sites, and still run your legacy software; but with greater speed, efficiency, and far better security.

The AS400 is built to last. It rarely fails. While the purchase price tends to be a bit higher, when all costs are factored in, the AS400 costs about the same - with a lot less headaches. Plus, there are no viruses!

It’s generally perceived that there is a lack of software applications for the AS400. Yet, AS400s can be found in abundance in virtually every industry sector across the globe. Including: transportation, distribution, manufacturing, municipal governments, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

The fact is that there are countless numbers of companies worldwide still using the AS400 and many will continue to do so well into the future. Even Microsoft, up until a few years ago, ran their core business on AS400 because the PC Server could not match the power, performance, and security of the AS400. The same holds true today with iSeries (AS400 by another name).

However, as a society, we are a generation raised on Windows. Most people under the age of 40 have never even heard of an iSeries or AS400, unless they have one where they work. Additionally, IBM has always focused its AS400 sales and marketing efforts to medium sized organizations.

With the rise of the personal computer, the AS400 consulting industry has taken a bit of a hit, and there are fewer technology companies that support it. Some have abandoned AS400 completely. However, at Fleet Harmony, we believe the AS400 is a computer platform that remains strong, has proven the test of time, and will be around for years to come. We continue to develop software for the AS400.

Many companies now face the challenge of adding greater benefit and value from their existing AS400 and legacy software, adding further leverage to their AS400 investment, and do all this affordably.

Out of the box solutions are available for your AS400, including wireless, bar-coding, and Internet technology. These tend to be pricey with expensive annual software licensing and maintenance fees. Maybe it’s time to consider Fleet Harmony - AS400 consulting and software development services.

Fleet Harmony – AS400 consulting and software development services can help you stay current and embrace future technologies as they emerge with a customized software solution designed and developed to work with your legacy software. Adapt our industry first web based fleet maintenance software to work with your AS400. It’s more affordable than you think!

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