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Make your management software project a success with Fleet Harmony software design services.

Management finally decides to move forward on an initiative to implement a new software system (ie: fleet maintenance software). Out of the gates, everyone is keen to get the project completed. Six months later, someone calls a meeting for a project update; and everyone looks at each other with blank faces because nothing has been done on it.

Fleet Harmony software design services and your business are a recipe for success.

The problem was most likely not your staff, but more likely the lack of communication, lack of a plan, or lack of commitment.

Without question, the lack of communication is the number 1 reason why projects fail. Even projects with no real plan can be successful if there is good communication and commitment. In a previous life as a programmer, some of the best software solutions I ever developed were ones conceived on a napkin over a coffee. That being said, however, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a formalized plan and to have one delegated project lead person in your organization who is responsible for implementing it. The plan doesn’t have to be fancy - just so long as it keeps everything documented and organized.

Your project leader needs be organized, a good communicator, have knowledge and experience in the area, the authority to make decisions, and the time available to commit to getting the project done.

Projects with established goals, timelines, and milestones tend to have a higher success rate. You should also schedule email updates to confirm everyone involved is up to date, and to ensure the project doesn’t get bogged down. Meetings and conference calls are sometimes difficult to schedule - especially with larger groups.

If you need to involve 3rd party help, make sure you choose the right vendor. Ask for and check references.

As much as possible, involve your staff so they are aware of the coming project - especially if it will affect their job duties. While they may not be part of the project team, their input can be valuable. Make sure all affected departments sign off on the project before you put it in place.

Upon completion, evaluate and assess the project. What went well? What needs improvement? How close were you to your estimates? Does it accomplish your goals?

Finally, if / when it does go off the rails, or the organization direction changes, know when to pull the plug or when to reorganize in order to get the project completed.

Not sure where to begin?

Fleet Harmony software design services can help you do more with less, free your time, and gain control of your project.

Fleet Harmony will work with you to find the best option for you. We will take the time to understand your business and your needs to ensure your fleet management goals are achieved.

Call us toll free at 844-527-6669. We can help.

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