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Fleet maintenance management and disaster recovery planning

Everyone that regularly uses a computer has lost a file at some point. If you were lucky, you had a backup copy of it somewhere; or it was stored on a server that was backed up. If not, it was gone forever.

Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software has a built-in disaster recovery plan.

Our dependency on computers in business makes it hard for many in the workforce to imagine a world without. Our exposure to events that can cause severe disruption to our business operations has never been greater. However, many companies - especially smaller ones with no full time IT staff - do not have a disaster recovery plan to deal with the disasters that originate from a technology-based society.

Events such as storms can shut the power down for hours, days, or even weeks; depending where your business is located. Computer hardware and software can fail. A nasty computers virus can shut your business down completely and cause embarrassment.

With all these exposures, your fleet management strategy should include both a disaster recovery plan, and a data backup and recovery plan. Planning in advance will enable your business to function while you wait for the power to come back on.

Not sure where to begin? A disaster recovery plan doesn’t have to be sophisticated so long as it provides you guidance in times where you may have to make snap decisions. Here are a few tips to consider:

Create a disaster recovery document. Make notes on key problems you may have to deal with. Consider enclosing your document in a uniquely coloured scribbler that is easily identifiable. If you are regularly out of the office, make sure your staff knows where to find this document.

You should have at least 1 computer in your office with a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to enable you to conduct computer and fleet management related business - even if on a limited capacity for a period of time while you wait for the power to come back on. Choose a UPS that gives you enough power to run your computer for an hour or more. Plug only necessary equipment into the UPS.

Do your backups daily and know what you are backing up. Involve your staff. So many times, companies that have been faithfully been doing daily backups realize only after it’s too late that there were folders, emails, browser favorites, etc that were not being backed up. Validate that your backups work. Check the logs.

Archive your backups. Do not use the same backup device over and over - they too can fail. Keep daily backups for at least a week before overwriting them. Keep weekly backups for at least 5 weeks. Keep monthly backups for a year. Keep an annual backup for 7 years.

Create a disaster kit containing your disaster recovery document and enough blank work order forms from your fleet maintenance software to get you through at least a week. Remember: with no power, the photocopier doesn’t work either. Don’t forget to put in a flashlight.

Review your plan annually. Your business evolves and changes; so must your disaster recovery plan evolve and change with it.

Still need help?

Fleet Harmony's online fleet maintenance software can help free your time and gain control of your fleet. It is available over the Internet using any device with a web browser.

Fleet Harmony for Windows can save your small office time and money with an integrated fleet maintenance management solution designed to work with SAGE.

Fleet Harmony's software design services will work with you to find the best option for you. We will take the time to understand your business and your needs to ensure your fleet maintenance management goals are achieved.

Call us toll free at 844-527-6669. We can help.

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