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Fleet Maintenance Software Eliminates the Fleet Maintenance Spreadsheet

Keeping track of the unique and unit-specific details about your trucks and equipment can be a challenging and difficult task using a fleet maintenance spreadsheet, maintenance record cards, or simply relying on your memory.

For a host of reasons, the information never seems to be at your fingertips when you need it, costing you extra and non-productive time on your shop floor to complete maintenance because the information is not close at hand. The extra minutes add up.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software enables you to save the unique details about individual units that are traditionally stored on a fleet maintenance spreadsheet, essentially eliminating your spreadsheet, storing all details centrally, and making it available through our comprehensive online fleet management software.

With just a few clicks from your desktop computer, laptop, or smart phone, access your fleet from virtually anywhere. Your fleet is always at your fingertips.

Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software eliminates your fleet maintenance spreadsheets.

Fleet Harmony also allows you organize these details into categories, making it even quicker to reference the information and get back to what matters most on your shop floor: maintaining and repairing your equipment, minimizing down time, and keeping your fleet rolling and making money.

With the flexibility of Fleet Harmony, you choose or create the categories based on your own needs. But don’t worry, we will work with you and help you determine what you need, and even setup the categories for you if needed. Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software comes with outstanding customer service and support that’s built into the subscription price, so you are never alone.

Store up to 800 characters of categorized data per unit. This is in addition to normal fleet information that is already tracked with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software, such as make, model, VIN, etc. That’s almost half a printed page of miscellaneous information per unit!

Know the right filters, engine specifications, serial numbers, and other miscellaneous information. Document additional installed equipment and accessories such as reefer units, hydraulic lifts, booms, and more. Store whatever information is important to you and your fleet.

Why spend time searching through your fleet maintenance spreadsheet, filing cabinets, past invoices, or maintenance cards, and wasting time and money?

The additional information feature is just one more reason why Fleet Harmony can be the perfect fit for your company or organization. Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software is super easy to use, and is affordable for any sized fleet. Plus it comes with lots of handy reports to give you insight into your fleet and help you make the best decisions based on facts, as opposed to gut feeling or financial data alone.

But Fleet Harmony is not just fleet maintenance software. Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software also includes accident management software, fuel tracking software, and IFTA Software.

Don’t forget, Fleet Harmony’s Shipment Tracking Software for Windows is a perfect and affordable small office solution to manage and track shipments. Contact us for more information.

So what are you waiting for? Why not contact Fleet Harmony today and learn about our unique online fleet maintenance software and how we can help you.

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