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Fleet maintenance Software, Quotes and Your Equipment Maintenance Log

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Management has simplified the parts and labor warranty entry. We also implemented a number of minor enhancements to our fleet and shop management software as suggested by our customers.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software now handles quotes and has simplified the parts and labor warranty entry.

New – Creating and Managing Maintenance Quotes

Need to price a job before deciding to move forward or not? You could do it on a fleet maintenance spreadsheet, or using an easier way: with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software version 6.9.9B .

To create a quote, simply create a fleet maintenance work order and choose “Quote” from the status dropdown. This normally defaults to “Open”. Add parts, labour, and other information, just as you would a regular work order.

What’s the difference?

When a Quote work order is saved, the following database updates do not happen:

  • Parts are not automatically added or updated

  • Parts inventory is not updated

  • Odometer and Hours Meter readings for the unit are not updated

Converting Quotes to Open maintenance work orders is as easy as changing the work order status from Quote to Open.

New Search Method on Equipment List Page

There is now an additional method to search by Unit ID on the Equipment List page. When “Search All” is selected, a textbox now opens up and allows you to enter unit number. Type in a unit ID and press the search button.

Note that you can still you use the unit dropdown list that is displayed when the “Search by Unit” quick search is selected.

Unit Make and Model Now Being Displayed on the Work Order Page

Thanks to Luc and his staff for identifying this. We’re not sure why it wasn’t there to begin with!


In addition to our online fleet management software, Fleet Harmony has fleet software solutions for Windows, including shipment tracking software. We also provide affordable software design services for those organizations with specific needs that cannot be addressed using an off-the-shelf fleet software solution. And we provide AS400 / ISeries consulting services.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software:

  • Eliminates your fleet management spreadsheets

  • Is compatible with SAGE Simply Accounting, GEOTab, and more

  • Includes Fleet Maintenance Software, IFTA Software and Fleet Accident Management Software.

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