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Fleet Maintenance Software Simplifies Parts and Labor Warranty Entry.

The entry of parts and labour on maintenance work orders with any fleet maintenance software title tends to consume more time than any other administrative task in the work order process. While bar-coding and scanners can help, the simplicity and intuitiveness of your fleet maintenance software can dramatically impact the speed and efficiency of parts entry.

During the Christmas break we spoke to many of our customers and asked them what improvements and enhancements they would like to see to make it easier to manage their equipment maintenance log.

Over the next several releases, we will try include more new features and enhancements, as requested and suggested, by you, our customers.

Entering parts with Fleet Harmony fleet maintenance software is much faster!

Multiple Part Numbers for the Same Part

One of the challenges that most of you noted was how to handle multiple part numbers for the same part. Our shop management software now simplifies it. Consider the following.

The part description can store up to 50 characters of data. In addition to the part description, there is room for these alternate part numbers.

With release 6.9.9, we have made changes to the Fetch button on the work order page. Now, the system not only searches for the part number that you enter, but also looks looks through the part descriptions. Therefore, if you save the alternative part number in the description, you can simply enter or scan the alternative part number to fetch the part.

In addition to this, in version 6.9.9, when a fetch finds multiple parts, the search panel is automatically displayed with the short list of parts based on your selection.

We hope these 2 changes will help you save a lot of time on your part searches.

Other changes in this release include:

Employee List

The employee city column has been removed and replaced with the employee type. It just seemed to everyone that the city and province column was not useful at all and that it made more sense to display employee type instead. Done!

Work Order Page

It was reported that the lead mechanic drop down was not being loaded with the proper employees as per the location. This has been fixed.

Thanks to Jamie for reporting an issue in which the system returned an error when the work order date was changed on an existing work order. This has been fixed.

Parts List

Search All capability has been re-enabled.

This search was previously disabled as it can take a lot of time to process, especially for those of you with a large parts list. However, recognizing that there may be times when you would want to search all parts, we re-enabled it. But, we put it at the bottom of the list in quick search dropdown.

Work Order Summary Report

We added the WO Description to the WO summary report. Why on earth was it not there to begin with?


Since the beginning, It has always been the goal of Fleet Harmony to reduce keystrokes in every fleet software title we support.

If you are still struggling with fleet management spreadsheets, and you are wondering if there is a better way, there is! Why not contact us and learn how our shop management software can help you eliminate your fleet maintenance spreadsheets entirely, and save you time and money managing your fleet.

Did you know?

  • We have fleet software solutions for Windows, including shipment tracking software.

  • We not only provide software design services, but also ISeries consulting services.

  • Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software includes fleet accident management software and IFTA Software.

  • Fleet Harmony is compatible with SAGE Simply Accounting, GEOTab, US Fleet Tracking, and more.

We are always looking for ways to improve our fleet maintenance software. Got an idea? Contact us.

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