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Fuel management and Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Maintenance Software

How do you stay on top of your fuel costs?

Regularly monitoring fuel consumption can save you a lot of money every year. However, fleet management spreadsheets are not fleet maintenance software.

Using fleet management spreadsheets, combined with your accounting system, to monitor fuel consumption is both time-consuming and costly. Without access to timely fuel consumption information, you might unwittingly make bad fleet management decisions. Fuel management and consumption, especially for smaller to medium sized fleets, is often only looked at by management on an annual or semi-annual basis, or after they have been alerted to a problem by the accounts payable department, a mechanic, or a driver. Often times, this happens after a lot of fuel has been purchased.

Managing fuel is easy with Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Management. Its flexible design adapts seamlessly to your operation, enabling fuel transactions to be captured by one or more of several methods. You decide which is best for your organization.

Better Fuel management with Fleet Harmony Online Fleet Maintenance Software

Trips and Usage page

The Trips and Usage page is a quick entry screen to keep a running tab of all fuel purchases and odometer readings for each unit with just a few clicks. Also on this screen is an IFTA calculator for IFTA reporting purposes.

Fuel Purchase page

The fuel purchases page is a more in-depth entry screen and is used to capture and record more detailed fuel purchase transaction information; including costs, card numbers, transaction numbers, and more.

Import from onsite bulk fuel systems

Companies that purchase fuel in bulk and control fuel distribution most often use an on-site electronic card lock or similar system. These bulk fuel systems typically generate fuel transaction reports, but lack comprehensive reporting needed to manage your fleet effectively.

However, most of these systems have an option to print or export fuel transactions to an excel spreadsheet or comma separated file (CSV). Fleet Harmony can import these transactions without the need to have it manually keyed.

Imported from 3rd party fuel suppliers

Virtually all fuel suppliers have the ability to provide an excel spreadsheet or comma separated file (CSV) of your fuel purchases over a given period. These can also be imported into Fleet Harmony. We will work with your supplier and adjust our fuel import procedure accordingly to accommodate your fuel supplier’s fleet spreadsheet layout.

Fuel consumption Report

The Fuel Consumption report can be run in seconds and gives you the ability to acquire point in time fuel consumption information for a single fleet unit or for your entire fleet. It is ideal for comparing similar fleet units over any date range.

The ability to quickly monitor fuel consumption as part of your weekly or monthly routine will nip fuel problems in the bud before overspending happens. You can also use the report to help isolate issues they become expensive repairs.


Tracking fuel consumption is just one feature of our Online Fleet Management software. Contact us to learn more. Remember, Fleet Harmony also provides software design services and iSeries / AS400 consulting services.

Don’t forget to check out the fleet maintenance software video on YouTube!

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