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Get a summary of your fleet maintenance costs with Fleet Harmony

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The decisions that fleet managers are required to make on a daily basis to manage a commercial fleet of equipment are often difficult. Driver issues, pickups, deliveries, fuel costs, breakdowns, and customer demands all contribute to a fast-paced environment; the job is seldom 9 to 5. Additionally, the labour-intensive administration work required to keep drivers and equipment compliant with DOT, the insurance company, and other regulatory bodies, adds its own level of stress.

Get the information you need quickly to manage your fleet with Fleet Harmony cloud fleet maintenance software.

Wrong decisions based on assumptions, incomplete facts, or memory can have serious financial or operational consequences. The work order summary report that is generated with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance software enables you to instantly get precise facts on your fleet maintenance costs to allow you to make the difficult decisions a bit easier.

Because our fleet maintenance software resides on the Cloud, gaining access to all your reports is as easy as logging in from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone’s web browser; regardless of where you are. With Fleet Harmony, the quick decision you regularly make after hours just to keep your fleet rolling can now be made based on fact. You can even start the work order process with just a few clicks, email the work order to the service shop, and be done with it in less than 10 minutes; eliminating to need to spend time dealing with it in the morning.

The work order summary report accumulates all work orders for the date range and provides a summary breakdown of parts, labour, and taxes along with subtotals by unit or per date depending on the sort order selected.

Printing the report is easy and takes only a minute. Select the print work order menu option and at the print report screen, select a date range, choose to sort the report by fleet unit or work order date and press the run button. The report generates and pops up as another tab on your web browser. Note that your web browser may prompt you to allow pop ups from Fleet Harmony. All reports generated from Fleet Harmony are in PDF format and can be easily viewed, printed, saved, and shared.

Fleet Harmony is the best fleet maintenance software option on the market for companies with small to medium sized fleets. It is easy to use and very affordable with packages to meet all budgets. Fleet Harmony is feature rich with lots of reports backed by outstanding customer support. We also make it affordable to add or change features of the fleet maintenance software to accommodate the uniqueness of your business. Additionally, Fleet Harmony is available as a traditional Windows desktop application.

Spending hours going through spreadsheets and cross referencing with your accounts payable is a thing of the past. Because Fleet Harmony is SAGE compatible, searching through SAGE for work orders becomes a redundant step. With Fleet Harmony SAGE compatibility turned on, the same information, plus a whole lot more, is stored in Fleet harmony for the same work order with quick searches tailored for fleet maintenance.

Fleet Harmony helps you manage and control your fleet maintenance repairs and maintenance, fuel costs, invoicing, driver payroll, and accidents. It is perfect for any company that have heavy equipment repair challenges.

Fleet Harmony also includes an easy to use IFTA software feature that integrates with the fleet maintenance service triggers.

Fleet Harmony helps those organizations with specialized needs; providing software design services for the Internet, Windows, and IBM iSeries (AS400). Our shipment tracking software is a great option for small trucking companies, especially those requiring Sage compatible invoices.

At Fleet Harmony, we are not all about high pressure sales. We love helping customers and we would love to hear from you. Contact us or call us toll free at 1-844-527-6669 and let us learn more about your business needs and goals.

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