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  • Robert MacKay

Good Fleet Maintenance with Can Help Attract and Retain Good Drivers

Years ago, I worked in the IT department for a large transport company and found myself in a rare meeting with the president of the company. What the meeting was about, I cannot recall, nor does it matter. But at one point, he said that his company was like a triangle, only upside down. He was at the bottom and the drivers were at the top. He then went on to add that the IT guy is somewhere near the bottom because it’s easier to find a good IT guy than it is a good driver. :)

I believe that a great deal of the reason for his company’s success has been because of this methodology. Drivers simply didn’t want to leave.

Your truck is their office.   And just like your office, keep it maintained and clean.   And your drivers will be happier.

As a trucking company, your drivers and operators are the reason you are able to exist as a transport company. They are on the front lines representing your company and deal directly with your customers. Therefore, happy and more content drivers lead to better customer relations and fewer headaches involving customer relations. Plus, your drivers will stay on longer which will lower the cost of driver turnover.

Pay them fair. Treat them well. And be reasonable. Driving a truck is a lonesome job. With hours of cab time, mountains are often easily made out of mole hills, and can be hard on families, especially those with young children.

Keep your equipment current and up to date with scheduled maintenance. Your truck is their office and often a source of pride for your drivers. Keep it well maintained and clean. Plus, newer equipment will save you money on fuel and maintenance.

Maintain your fleet. Fix the little things that annoy your drivers that keep getting overlooked when it’s in the shop. Make it easier for your drivers to communicate issues, track them, and promptly deal with them the first time. Fleet Management Software can help with this.

Keep current with technology, but remember to keep it simple. Involve your drivers, or a committee of drivers on new technology or procedures that will affect the way they do their job. Consider their input and concerns. Look for ways to make it easier.

If you need Shipment Tracking Software, help with IFTA Reporting or Accident Management, or would like to checkout our fleet maintenance software, drop us an email. Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management can help!

Our software design services team also does custom software and web.

But if you have to choose between the IT guy and the driver, pick the driver every time!

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