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Import Odometer Readings with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software

Increasingly, due to regulations and insurance requirements, trucks and heavy equipment are required to have GPS satellite or like-in-kind technology installed.

However, GPS Satellite tracking systems are only part of a comprehensive fleet management strategy, and should be used to complement your fleet maintenance software, not replace it.

With Fleet Harmony Cloud-based maintenance management software, integrating the 2 just became that much easier. You can now import odometer and hours meter readings from your satellite tracking system.

Import odometers with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Management

If you are using the maintenance scheduler in Fleet Harmony and some of these are based on hours and/or odometer readings, importing from your GPS Satellite tracking system can save you a lot of time and eliminate the need for the manual entry of odometer readings and/or hours meter readings within Fleet Harmony.

The initial release of the import odometer readings feature is designed for users of the GEOTAB Telematics System. However, it can be easily adapted to work with any GPS satellite system capable of generating a spreadsheet or comma separated file (CSV). And we do this free of charge!

  • Contact us! As part of the service we provide, our software design services team will work with you to make this as easy and painless as possible.

  • Send us a copy of your fleet management spreadsheet generated by your GPS tracking software and we will make the changes to our online fleet maintenance software to accommodate your layout

  • Update the GPS ID on the equipment page in Fleet Harmony with the ID used on your satellite tracking system.

To import Odometer readings, choose Import ODOM Readings from the Import / Export menu, select a file, and press the Import button. Once the import completes, a list of all units imported, along with the Log work order created will be displayed on screen.

Other changes in this version include:

Exporting Work Orders to SAGE for Outside / 3rd Party Repairs

To enable greater transparency, changes have been made to the exporting of 3rd party / outside maintenance work orders to SAGE Simply Accounting. SAGE compatible invoices (purchases) generated by Fleet Harmony will have an invoice number equal to the work order that is auto-generated by Fleet Harmony. However, If the work order reference # field is not blank, the invoice number in SAGE will be equal to the maintenance work order that is auto-generated by Fleet Harmony, followed by a dash, followed by the maintenance work order reference #. (ie: 546582-65825)

Maintenance Work Orders Page

Over the next release or so, we will be implementing 2 changes to the parts management section of the work orders page to enable:

  • Part lines to have unique Suppliers and Purchase order Numbers

  • Part lines to be tax exempt

We began making room on the work order parts management table for the PO number and Supplier. Stay tuned and look for more on this later.


Importing odometer readings with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software is just one more reason to join the Fleet Harmony family.

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