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Instantly Search Your Equipment Maintenance Log by Plate, VIN, & More.

The ability to instantly search maintenance work orders by plate, VIN, and unit description can save a lot of time for fleet managers and shop staff. If you perform repairs and maintenance for customers, this can also save time and assist your sales and support staff.

Sorting through your fleet maintenance spreadsheet, spending time at the filing cabinets, and asking your accounts payable and receivable staff all take time.

The latest release of Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software, with suggestions from both Liga and Wendy, additional features have been added to save time and effort maintaining and searching your equipment maintenance log.

Search maintenance work orders by plate, VIN, and unit description with Fleet Harmony's vloud maintenance management software.

Updating Customer Work Orders with Unit Information

For internal work orders, the year, make, VIN number and plate number are retrieved from the information stored for the unit on the equipment page. In turn, these fields are protected on the work order page to help ensure more consistent fleet management reporting.

However, in most cases, your customer’s fleet information is not stored on the equipment page.

In this release, the unit year, make, VIN number and plate number are now un-protected for customer work orders. And you can now capture and report on this important information for your customers. This will not only assist your staff, but also enable them to boast your company’s ability to provide support and reporting that exceeds your competitors. Fleet Harmony’s cloud-based fleet maintenance software makes it easy!

*** Did you know that Fleet Harmony has been a SAGE development partner since 2006, that both our Windows software and online fleet maintenance software is SAGE Simply Accounting compatible, and that you can easily automatically generate SAGE compatible invoices with our fleet software?

New Work Order Quick Search Options

Three new easy-to-use quick search options have been added to the work order list page.

  • Search by Plate

  • Search by VIN

  • Search by Unit Description

Simply select Search by Plate, VIN, or Unit Description from the dropdown, enter a couple characters of what you are searching for along with date range, and press the Search button. A summarized list of work orders is displayed. Further choose from one of the many sort options or reorganize the list.

Location Dropdown is No Longer Mandatory on Work Orders

In circumstances where a 3rd party repair shop is used for maintenance or repairs, the work order’s location is irrelevant and adds an unnecessary extra click. And, leaving it unselected caused the page to generate a hard error.

The Location dropdown is now an optional field on the work order page. Those customers with only 1 work order are unaffected.

Cosmetic Fix to Parts and Labour Panel on Work Order Page

It was reported by Wendy when labour was selected on line 3, all other subsequent line 3s defaulted to labour. This was a cosmetic change / fix primarily and has been resolved.

New Service - Get Monthly Fleet Management Reports with Your Cell Phone Camera

Do you have a small fleet, no shop admin staff, and no time to maintain your equipment maintenance log in a fleet maintenance software system?

Automatically receive monthly fleet management reports to your inbox simply by taking pictures and texting them, and we will handle the entry.

Click here to learn more about this unique new small fleet maintenance software service option.


Fleet Harmony’s equipment maintenance software is fleet management for small business and includes easy-to-use features for maintenance planning and scheduling, repair codes, parts warranty tracking, and lots more.

Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software also includes fleet accident management and IFTA software and a wealth of features and reports to help you better manage your fleet and equipment maintenance log. Contact our software design services team for more information.

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