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Is A/C and Emissions On Your Fleet Maintenance Checklist?

Fleet managers often do not include the air conditioning and emissions system as part of their fleet maintenance checklist, and therefore they also don’t get included as part of their fleet and equipment maintenance planning and scheduling strategy. However, inexpensive and regular scheduled inspections and maintenance of both can prevent breakdowns, ensure peak efficiency, and save money down the road on more expensive repairs.

The air conditioning unit, parts and components can be expensive to repair.  manage A/C  and emissions scheduled maintenance with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet maintenance Software.

The air conditioning unit and its components are often only repaired when it’s not working or not generating enough cold air. These parts and components can be expensive to replace, so their regular maintenance should be included on your fleet maintenance checklist.

Refrigerant oil is a key part of the A/C system. Regular oil level checks will help ensure the parts are properly lubricated to prevent unnecessary wear and premature failures of A/C components. Changing refrigerant oil regularly prevents moisture buildup within the oil and helps prevent corrosion that can lead to leaks.

A regular check of the A/C also enables the parts and components that are showing signs of normal wear and tear to be identified and fixed, avoiding extensive repairs later.

Check the maintenance planning and scheduling section in your owner's manual for the recommended maintenance guidelines for your specific A/C unit.


Emission systems have become increasingly computerized and integrated with the engine. As a result, maintenance planning and scheduling for the emissions system has become more complex and often considered only after an engine light appears or when governmental notices come in the mail.

While most shops do not have the diagnostic equipment for testing the computerized component of the emissions system, they can regularly maintain and inspect the key parts and components of the emissions system. Consider adding those parts that tend to wear out to your fleet maintenance checklist.

A few suggestions for your fleet maintenance checklist include air filters, valves, belts & hoses, and pumps. Additionally spark plugs and oxygen sensors can play an important role.

Replacing spark plugs based purely on manufacturing guidelines may not be adequate. Spark plugs should be removed and visually inspected at regular intervals in excess of recommended guidelines. Over time metal corrosion can build up and fuse the spark plug to the cylinder head. When this happens the spark plug becomes difficult to remove, and can lead to a more costly and involved repair.

Regular spark plug inspection can help ensure the emissions system running properly as well as helping to isolate other problems and issues with the engine and emissions system.

Spark plug wires can also wear out and be damaged. Include spark plug wire inspection on your fleet maintenance checklist.

Running regular diagnostics to check the oxygen sensor’s response time and how rich or lean the fuel mixture is can help ensure that the oxygen sensor is properly functioning and prevent engine misfires, poor fuel economy, and excesses emissions. Plus, a properly functioning oxygen sensor will help avoid premature life of the catalytic converter.


Using Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet management Software versus a fleet maintenance spreadsheet will also make maintenance planning and scheduling easier and remove this responsibility from your drivers and operators. Fleet Harmony’s fleet maintenance software easily integrates equipment usage and maintenance planning and scheduling into your equipment maintenance log. Plus, it can generate sage compatible invoices.

Give us a shout. We are Canada’s premier cloud fleet management software provider and we can help you better manage your equipment maintenance log with our industry leading fleet maintenance software, IFTA software, fleet accident management software, and shipment tracking software.

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