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Maximizing Fleet Maintenance Management in an electronic world

Your success and productivity as a fleet manager has always been dependent on your ability to manage communications. The amount of information fleet managers are presented with each day and the decisions they must make is causing stress and information overload. Like it or not, we live in a world dominated by electronic communications; therefore, managing electronic communications is key and part of the job.

Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software can help maximize maintenance management.

Email and text have replaced phone and face-to-face conversations. However, many fleet managers are often under trained in its use. Email and text can be quicker; however, studies have shown that depending on the topic and who is sending and receiving the message, it can sometimes take more time. As a general rule of thumb, electronic communications should be used for brief info or for sending and receiving reference material that cannot be explained over the phone. If you can’t explain yourself in a sentence or two, or if the message exchanges go beyond 3 or 4, pick up the phone. Also, never deal with a potential confrontational issue via electronic communications.

Fleet managers are often on the run, and overtaxed with too many roles within the company to effectively manage the fleet from within the confines of the office with accounting software, spreadsheets, and a sharp memory. Fleet Management is no longer limited to the office or shop floor -which makes it even more important to have access to consistent and timely data in order to make informed decisions. Manually consolidating information from numerous sources - including spreadsheets, accounting software, or inadequate fleet management software - just doesn’t cut it anymore. Management software available anywhere on any device is now possible.

On the shop floor, if a tool is broken it is either fixed or replaced. If a new tool is available to make a task easier, it is purchased. The same rule should be applied to your fleet management software. If it’s broken or doesn’t address your needs, fix it or replace it. A modern fleet maintenance software solution is more affordable than you think and provides an easy-to-access dashboard and custom reporting.

It is also important to develop and maintain as much of a routine as possible. The demands of the job often dictate otherwise, but it is important to set goals and deadlines. Don’t get behind on your administration tasks. Set a time to complete these and stick with it. The few minutes / hours add up.

Fleet Harmony – fleet maintenance software can help free your time and gain control of maintenance management. It is SAGE accounting compatible and available over the Internet using any device with a web browser, or as a windows desktop app.

Fleet Harmony will work with you to find the best option for you through out software design services. We will take the time to understand your business and your needs to ensure your fleet maintenance management goals are achieved.

Did you know that Fleet Harmony also provides shipment tracking software for windows?

Call us toll free at 844-527-6669. We can help.

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