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New Part Management Features in FH Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software

Essentially, all changes in this latest release Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Management involve part management on the fleet maintenance work order page. We have added significant flexibility and new enhancements, as requested by you, our customers.

Significant flexibility and new enhancements with Fleet Harmony Fleet Maintenance Software

Tax exempt selected parts or labour.

Now you can with Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management Software. On the maintenance work order page, simply check the Tax Free checkbox beside the part to exclude it from the tax calculation. This is especially handy for tracking internal labour for technicians and mechanics.

Track a unique Vendor, Purchase Order Number, and Invoice number for every part.

Since introducing the ability to track a unique Vendor & Purchase Order Number for every part on the maintenance work order page, the response has been overwhelming, so, we enabled it for everyone.

Then, we took it a step further. We added a brand-new textbox field for invoice number. Now, you can assign a unique vendor, purchase order number, and invoice number for every part.

Maintenance Work Order List Quick Searches

The Quick Search dropdown “Search by PO” and “Search by Invoice” have not been changed in this release. Both of these Quick Search options currently only search for the PO and Invoice stored in their corresponding fields in the maintenance work order header section, or in the notes field.

For now, these Quick Search options do NOT search through detail lines. Stay tuned, as we will be adding this feature in the next release (6.9.3), expected within a week or so.


Big thanks go out to Lucille for identifying an issue with the Labour Checkbox in the parts section. The Labour Checkbox was not toggling properly, meaning the core charge textbox field was being disabled every time the Labour Checkbox was changed, even if it was unchecked. She also identified an issue whereby the PO was not saving properly in all scenarios. Both of these been fixed. Thanks Lucile!


As part of our commitment to our customers, release 6.9.2 of Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management addresses your greater needs for enhanced part management while keeping the overall design of our fleet maintenance software system simple and easy to use.

If you have suggestions on how to make Fleet Harmony even better, drop us an email or give us a shout. It’s your software and our goal to continually improve the system.

Fleet Harmony is more than just fleet maintenance software, fuel management software, IFTA Software, Accident management software, all which generates SAGE compatible invoices.

Fleet Harmony is about building partnerships with our customers, providing fleet software solutions though our software design services team, and providing outstanding and unmatched customer support. Give us a shout and let us work with you in resolving your fleet management challenges.

Still not using Fleet Harmony?

What are you waiting for? Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Management is not only the best online Fleet Management Software on the cloud and the easiest to use, but it’s also the most affordable. We have packages for any sized fleet. Contact us to learn more about our unique fleet software service.

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