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Outsourcing fleet management versus Fleet Harmony Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software

Is time management one of your company's fleet management issues?

Outsourcing fleet maintenance management can be a bad idea.  Fleet Harmony Cloud Maintenance Management Software is a better option.

The prospect of office and administrative staff saving time on day-to-day operations is often one of the top reasons companies choose to use a third party fleet management service provider. However, the time savings is not as straightforward as it seems. Some clients report staff spending more time phoning, emailing, and waiting to get answers to questions and inquiries. Without access to detailed fleet information on a daily basis, staff can become confused and even more in the dark about daily operations.

So why does this happen? The causes can vary, but lack of knowledge is usually the culprit. Before signing up for third party fleet maintenance and management service, it's vital to first know both how many reports are being used and how much time is currently being spent on fleet maintenance and management. Without this information, the decision to use 3rd party management can be based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

Additionally, regardless of how reputable a 3rd party fleet management company may be, when push comes to shove, these companies are in business to make money and will act in their own best interests, not Yours. This can sometimes result in decisions being made that are contrary to your corporate strategy. And because of the costs associated with fleet maintenance and management, even small decisions on maintenance can translate into huge money.

The first you need to answer before moving forward with any fleet maintenance software solution or outsourced fleet management solution is what the ongoing cost per unit will be compared to what it is costing you today? If you manage fleet maintenance with spreadsheets and handwritten forms, Fleet Harmony has a free online calculator that can help you determine how much time and money you are currently spending managing your fleet.

The majority of companies are wrongfully under the impression that outsourcing their fleet management will eliminate the startup time. Implementing anything takes time and effort. So be prepared to spend some time compiling information and answering lots of questions, filling out spreadsheets and forms. Outsourcing companies also charge startup fees, and if you turn it over to them entirely, these fees can get expensive.

There are numerous other questions that need to be answered; including:

  • Who authorizes repairs and at what repair price point will you be involved?

  • What reports will be made available and when will they be generated?

  • How will trends be spotted?

  • Are there incidental costs and fees for DOT and insurance audits, or ad-hoc inquiries?

  • How will your accounting department be impacted?

Companies need to carefully consider all the facts before outsourcing their fleet management and maintenance. 3rd party fleet management companies do not come cheap and it's important to ask the right questions, and not make assumptions. In some cases, 3rd party companies do not simplify fleet management, but instead makes it more complicated.

Here are some reasons why Fleet Harmony Online Fleet maintenance is a better option for you:

  • Save time and money tracking fleet maintenance

  • Save money on part warranty.

  • Track maintenance faster and easier.

  • Get instant access to maintenance information from anywhere on any device.

  • Eliminate cumbersome fleet management spreadsheets.

  • Instantly get maintenance management reports when you need them.

  • Get help from a real person when you need it.

Check our fleet maintenance software out on YouTube and see for yourself.

For more information on our online fleet management software, shipment tracking software, or software design services, give us a shout toll free at 844-527-6669.

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